This Week in Republican Hypocrisy

Texas Governor slams Obama’s stimulus money in media but uses it to cover 97% of the state budget. Read all about it.

The GOP resurrects dead initiative to track Internet usage by pushing for ISP’s to track user’s behavior, still claims to want a smaller, less intrusive government. Read all about it.

Fox News talking head condemns a comment by congressman Steve Cohen comparing GOP lawmakers to Nazis, is shown the hypocrite door by Jon Stewart. Watch the video.

Install missing GarageBand Content (loops etc.)

When you’ve missed installing the GarageBand Extra Content (I.E. “GarageBand Instruments and Apple Loops”) for whatever reason,
and when GarageBand DOES NOT give you the option to install from DVD when clicking on a non-installed loop/synth etc, then you can try the following. YMMV

Note: iLife 11 doesn’t seem to have the extras on the DVD (I could have missed it though)

So, with that in mind, break out your MAC’s Applications installer disc and pop it in and download the attached instructions.