Netflix on Apple TV 2: “An error occurred loading this content”

First-world problem.

First-world problem: Netflix on Apple TV

This problem has plagued us for a few months. Each time we start watching Netflix on our Apple TV 2, it stops and throws up this message after about 20 seconds.

We have two Apple TV 2 units on two different televisions, and it happens on both of them. Netflix on Google Chromecast,, my phone, and my Nook, all work perfectly.

It’s definitely a problem with the Apple TV units.

I have searched around for solutions, and certain fixes seem to work for some people, but there are many folks who still have the problem.

Restarting the device doesn’t help. All updates have been applied. I have even reset the devices completely, to no avail.

Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know a solution?

As the Earth Spins, or, Chatham Family News

IMG_20140606_194306For those of you keeping score at home, these are the things that have been happening around here.

First, Rachael is pregnant with a boy. He is due on Halloween and, needless to say, we are super excited. Gray and Dax are excited too, though each in their very different ways: Dax outwardly, Gray more inwardly. We do have a name picked out for the little fella, but it being a quest that doesn’t necessarily end until the day he pops out, we thought we’d hold off on the big reveal for a little bit 😉

Second, we are moving! We decided to find a place that is a little more conducive to having a baby. We love our current house, but with features such as a 30 foot high deck, a front yard next to a frequently traveled road, and a balcony overlooking the living room, we decided something a little safer would be better.

Our house was only on the market 10 days before it went under contract, and we soon put a bid in on a new one. That should all be going down in July, so we are preparing for a move.

Third, my parents are having a low-key 50th wedding anniversary today, so a big WHOOP WHOOP to them. They may have a juggalo-style celebration with their neighbors tonight, from what we heard.

Fourth, Gray graduated from 5th grade last week. He will be venturing to middle school this fall, and I am still completely blown away about that fact. Dax will be in 3rd grade…also hard to believe!

So that’s that for now…more soon.

Don’t Fear The Bacon, Baby Stormtrooper

It’s been a while since I posted some of the random coolness I’ve found around the Internet, so I thought I’d give you dear reader(s) some things to look at. Maybe your life will be changed, and maybe it won’t. Either way, I thought these were interesting for various reasons, and maybe you will too.

I’m not sure how scientifically reliable this is, but if you are a bacon lover and you are looking for some justification to keep eating it without feeling guilty, you might find this article about the alleged myth that nitrates and nitrites are bad for you. I guess this means hotdogs are safe now too, which is great, because I happen to love eating animal lips.


This collection of Stormtroopers doing awesome things is quite amusing. I’ve been thinking about starting something similar involving the Stormtrooper helmet my brother gave me. Stay tuned.

There is nothing like arguing on the Internet, as it is the neverending pleasure that just keeps on giving. This Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments helps you learn some logical concepts and fallacies in a very approachable ways. Maybe it will help you kick your arguing up a notch.

This Digital Attack Map lets you see all the active Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks going on around the world at any given time. In a very snappy way it shows you who is getting hit, who is attacking, and how big the attacks/hits are. Pretty interesting (hint: hover your mouse over the moving balls. Heh.)

This listing of Google Voice Actions is extremely useful. Did you know that you can instruct your phone or computer to “Listen to TV” and have it tell you what you are currently watching? OK, that may not be that useful but there are other commands that certainly are.

And lastly, I can’t help but bash Facebook a little. It has become so useless for companies, bands, small businesses, or anyone else trying to communicate to people with a Facebook Page. And it is only going to get worse. It’s time for you people to look at Google+ already.