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Year: 2005

Pics Are Up

I have posted some pics of the birth and Gray’s first visit with his new little brother in Gallery 11 – Dax is Born.

I came home to get Gray today and take him to see Dax and mommy. On the way there, I was telling Gray about his new brother, and he asked me, “Does he have feet? I want him to walk”.

Once we got there, Gray immediately took to Dax, wanting to hold him and giving him lots of hugs. It was great, as you will see in the pics.


At 9:42 pm, Tuesday, November 15, 2005, baby William Dax Chatham was born!

Dax weighed a hefty 9lbs 12oz, and was 19.5 inches long. Alicia did it all naturally. How, I am still trying to figure out. But it was great!

Sorry, I have no pics yet. Stay tuned!


No news in the baby department yet. Alicia’s due date is this Saturday the 12th. You dear readers will be among the first to know. In fact, I am considering a live webcast from the delivery room, with a chatroom where you all can ask questions and comment on the proceedings. Ok now I have considered it.

I have still been busy on side web work, nearing completion on and Still working on my brother’s site for is political campaign, as well as the larger book store project. I have employed the help of June because of her Zen Cart expertise. And I just posted a link to her site so that she will feel the pressure to do something with it.

I bought a brand new drum set for the first time in my life. These suckers are baaaaaad. This is what they look like:
My New Drums
They are DW Pacific CX’s.

So if anyone is in the market, I have a 6-piece set of Pearl World Series drums from 1990. These are the same drums used to record Speed.

Why did I buy new drums? I have been playing music in a band again. More on that later.

Blog Groupies

As I read through the Blogs of the Rich and Famous (aka the blogs of the ‘elite’ web designers and developers), I have discovered a recurring theme from site to site that relates to the people who post comments on said blogs.

I don’t know what to call it. It’s like a cult of blog groupies. Perhaps it is the “Bloggie” phenomenon. If you frequent any popular blog, you have seen it too. It goes something like this:

Blog Entry By Cool Blogster
Today I decided to clean my cat litter box, and boy, did it smell.

Response by Bloggie 1
Hey Cool Person! What a coincidence! I just blogged about the same thing! Check it out (

Next comment by Bloggie 2
Oh hey Cool Person! How is it that you always nail it right on the head? I mean, who would have thought that cat litter boxes smell?

Next comment by Bloggie 3
LOL – keep it up Cool Person! lolroflmfao.

Next comment by Bloggie 4
I agree with you completely, Cool Person.

If you want to see some prime examples, look at a recent post on the web site of Matt Mulletsomething, the creator of WordPress:

Now are these people really on a first name basis with this guy? Is it their ultimate goal to get Matt Mulletsomething to actually click their link? Is this the modern day version of namedropping? Or is it just people searching to validate their existence (and their web log).

Granted, there are certainly plenty of worthy comments posted on these sites, but a bunch of them always stick out to me as “hey look at me, I wanna be cool too” types of posts.

I’m not claiming to be a Cool blogger or anything – the 8 people total who ever visit here should be evidence of that I am stuck on the level of Blog Mediocrity (Hi, mom). I’m just a little irked for whatever reason.

Pretty Fly

This is pretty cool. I have witnessed spiders being reanimated after being frozen in a styrofoam cup inside of a freezer (thanks to Chris Layton). I didn’t know you could do it with flies too.

In other news, I think we have decided upon a name for the new boy when he decides to come out of the womb.

What is it?

I will tell you what it is not:

  • Bono
  • Scrimshaw
  • Adolph
  • Katrina
  • Brown
  • Restrictive Fur
  • Whimpy
  • Fleg

That should pretty much narrow it down for ya.