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Month: January 2006


Failed Redesigns is a well-written article by Joe Clark regarding the failure of web developers to use the tools at their disposal. It unabashedly mocks so-called professionals who choose to ignore Web Standards and crank out utter crap. Go boyee!

Vick, Google Pack

Punk Gets What He Deserves…Too Late
Marcus Vick was kicked off the Virginia Tech football team today as a result of the blatant unsportsman-like conduct vs. Louisville I mentioned last week.  The sad thing is, he was pulled over for drunk driving two weeks ago, and shouldn’t have been playing in last week’s bowl game in the first place.  VT’s president had explicitly stated that he would tolerate no more messups from Vick after his 2004 suspension.  Punk.

Google’s Next Step Towards Dominating the Desktop
Google announced Google Pack today, which is a collection of free software to help your computer work better and boost your productivity.  It’s nothing you haven’t seen before in separate packages, but it is nice to see they are including Firefox.  Not so thrilled about the 6-month version of Norton Antivirus (they should have chosen the free, open-source ClamWin), but everything else looks good.

I still stand by my prediction that Google will deal the final blow to Microsoft after Windows Vista turns out to be a nightmare for sysads everywhere (assuming it is ever released in the first place), and no one buys it.

New WordPress

I got WordPress 2 installed, in case you haven’t noticed the changes.  So far, I like the new look of the admin side, but I really haven’t noticed anything yet that blows me away.  There are some things here and there that make writing posts easier, and things are a little more organized, but overall, it’s nothing to write home to mom about.

Still, WordPress rocks and blows away any other blogging software I have tried out.

Soon I will be creating my own layout.  What you see now is just a prefab template someone made.  Well, as soon as I find time I will do this.  Time has been quite limited lately.


I’m going to be upgrading the software that runs this site (WordPress) over the next few days. Version 2 came out recently and it looks too cool to resist.

You will likely see a default theme for a while until I can come up with my own.

Pardon our dust.

Hey There

So its 2006, and it has already been a long year.

We have seen the worst Windows security flaw ever, which effects millions of people with fully patched and protected systems. You are most likely one of them. Oh, and there is no fix from Microsoft yet. This all but seals the deal for me to convert to Macs.

The Louisville Cardinals football team lost the Gator Bowl yesterday to a nasty Virginia Tech team who was not above bumping referees and stomping on the legs of their opponents when no one was looking.

The Chatham family is doing well though. Gray is still adjusting to life as an older brother, but seems to be taking the new role well. Dax is huge still, already over 15 pounds as a six week-old. So far, he has been relatively mellow, sleeping rather well and just enjoying the scenery. Don’t know where he got that from.