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Year: 2007

Pardon Our Dust

I was updating WordPress tonight to the latest patch and ran into some troubles with my custom layout, so I threw up this prefab one until I have time to fix the problems. Something in the menu was causing an error. I’ll get it sorted out sooner or later.

In the mean time, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my iPod, which seemed to have gotten a little too close to a high-powered magnet, which the hard drive seemed to disagree with. Luckily I had the 3 year protection plan on it, so I am waiting for it to come back from Apple. I am secretly hoping they decide it will be easier to send me a new one, in which case I may end up with a newer model. We will see what happens.

It’s been a couple of weeks without the iPod, and I am missing it sorely. Woe is me.


I had one of those strange series of coincidences today. This woman from AFLAC was at work today and was taking my information for some insurance crap I was enrolling for (the one where they pay you like $5000 for each finger you lose…hmmm). She was asking me my birthday, and I told her when it was. She said that was her father’s birthday too. A moment later, she asked my address, and she said, “Wow, my mom and dad live on your street”. So the next thing that made it all really weird was when I looked at my watch to see what the date was, and I noticed it as 2:22 on 2/22. Far out, d00d.

Aside from those types of things happening, I went and saw Mastodon at the Orange Peel the other night. I was mostly excited to go out and see a show in the first place, but these guys rocked the jams, which made it even better. I’m not usually into metal, but it was great nonetheless. The only downside was that the sound was not mixed very well at all, and often, it was really hard to distinguish what was going on.

That brings me to my next coincidence, which happened when I first got to the show and was mingling through the crowd trying to find a good spot to stand before the band started. This guy walked up to me and stopped, pointing at me. My first thought was it was someone I knew from Louisville back in the day, but I didn’t think that was very likely, so I dismissed it. I was like, “Dude, who are you?”

It turned out my first impression was correct. It was Andy Tinsley from Louisville, a guy that was part of the Bardstown Road crowd back in the day. I asked him what the heck he was doing there, and it turns out he was the sound engineer for Mastodon. Go figure.

I promise I won’t wait for more strange coincidences to happen before I do some more writing here. I’ve been slack, I know.

Oh baby!!!

Circuit City finally got a new shipment of the Ion USB turntables, so I ran and snatched one up before someone else did. The first thing I did was convert the Bastro single of “Nothing Special” that Mr. Jeter hooked me up with to a nice rich MP3 encoding. Hopefully this won’t piss off David Grubbs too much (hey, we did go to the same church as kids), but here it is for your listening pleasure:

Bastro – Nothing Special

I was so stoked to hear this song again after about 15 years. Good, isn’t it?

I’m trying to find a permanent place to set this thing up to enable quick conversions of all my old vinyl, and when I do, I will be posting a lot of good stuff that needs to be heard, so stay tuned!