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Month: May 2009

Practical Security: Resources from the US Government

If you live in the USA, did you know that your tax dollars are being used for some really good purposes?

You better believe it.  For example, the NSA provides some great guides and tools for securing your operating system, whether your are on a Mac, or running Windows, Linux, or Solaris.

Some of the guides can get a little complex (especially the Linux and Solaris ones), but even if you do some of what they suggest, you are increasing the security of your OS and are likely to learn a few things at the same time.

There are more resources from other parts of the government as well.

How To Hire a Web Designer

So you have decided you need a web site. You are presented with two possible paths:

1. Build it yourself
2. Hire someone to build it for you

Both paths can present challenges, but unless you are technically inclined, have a lot of time and determination, desire to learn some coding, and are pretty handy with graphics, you are likely to be doing yourself (and your business) a disservice by trying to do it accomplish this on your own.  There are many places online and application syou can buy which promise the allure of “building your own web site”, but in this business, you tend to get what you pay for.