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Month: June 2016

Best Gifts To Get Your Gamer Son or Daughter Outside This Summer

Video games are constantly increasing in complexity and beauty, and for that reason many young players stay chained to their desktops or game consoles, sacrificing fun memories being made outside. This isn’t to say video games are a waste of time. They’re increasingly serving up memorable experiences dripping with narrative complexity, and have been proven to increase critical thinking skills and reaction times.

However, with such a beautiful summer upon us, it can feel like a shame if your son or daughter doesn’t spend as much time outside with their friends, crafting new memories and friends as you once did, before silicon chips were such a ubiquitous invention.

However, for the tech-savvy child brought up on video games, providing them with a birthday or special gift that will encourage them to go outside is difficult. Here are a few significant gifts that are likely to forget they ever owned a video games console. At least for the time being.


Purchasing a drone for your child is an excellent choice. With a wide array of applications and sporting genuinely fun user interactions, drones could be just the ticket to get a child outside who loves technology. Flying the drone around is a game in itself, and can be fitted with a camera to create some amazing panoramic or bird’s eye shots. There are many drones out there, so choosing one of the best drones under 300 dollars requires you do plenty of research before buying.

Who knows? This time next year your child could be joining one of the blossoming drone racing championships. Yes, they do exist!


If a drone camera seems like a little out there, why not try purchasing your child a regular camera, or relatively cheap SLR? You can find these well-maintained and used from some online retailers or auction houses like eBay. This camera will allow your child to fall in love with the discipline of photography because any time spent outside is further time spent inside correcting and uploading the photos too.

These disciplines have many similarities to video games, as does any discipline. You’re imprinting your stamp upon the world and navigating it in a way you see fit. Refining the photograph is a perfectionist hobby, but it’s also open to a wide range of experimentation. This is something that the best video games share. Frame the hobby in these terms, and your gamer child is sure to shuffle outside their bedroom and rediscover their love for the outside world.


Would you like to develop a love of reading in your child? Want to see them hang out in the garden more? Consider purchasing them an e-reader. If they like fantasy video games, filling the reader with fantasy fiction novels can help them make that initial step to lounging outside on a deck chair, and getting excited over a plethora of amazing stories to consume.

Notice how these gifts are all focused on technology? This is because variant technology is an excellent way to stimulate those who have developed an affinity for online or digital fun. Being smart here will pay significant dividends. When your child has a remarkable tan at the end of this summer, you’ll be happy you made an effort.

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IOT And Other Techy Terms You Need To Know

Working as a business owner, it can be difficult to stay on top of technology. But you need to because technology these days is always at the heart of the company. You might hire people to set up and monitor the tech that you use in your business. But you’ll still need to understand what’s going on when they talk to you about it. So, let’s look at some of the tech terms that it would be useful to know when you’re operating a business. We can start by thinking about the user interface.

User, What Now?

Interface, it sounds like a line from Tron doesn’t it? But it’s not all that complicated. You see there are two parts of any piece of tech. There’s the user side which is like the stage, and then there’s the operating system which is more like behind the curtain. The user interface refers to everything that happens on stage that users can see and that they interact with. So for instance, a user might click on your website and be able to click on a buy button. Now, we know that underneath that buy button there’s lots of little systems and processes working. But, the user only sees the button and any animation that occurs after they press it.

The user interface is important because it’s going to shape customer buying habits and whether or not they will buy multiple times or even once. It’s really just a question of whether the user interface is both attractive and easy to use. Or in some cases, the user interface is changed to make it more, for a lack of a better word addictive. There are even companies that specialise in this type of design.


If you don’t understand the Iot you could be DOA on the market, particularly as an online company. Iot stands for internet of things. What’s particularly confusing about this term is that it’s particularly broad and abstract. It’s difficult to know exactly what it means so let’s break it down. Internet of things refers to the connectivity of different networks and servers on the internet. For instance, whenever you use a social network such as Facebook, you’ll be interacting with an interface which is part of the Iot. As part of that Iot, there will be a number of alarms and notifications that can be sent as messages to different parts of the network, ensuring that it runs smoothly. To keep everything connected and stay on top you need a response software such as Skyresponse running in the background as part of your Iot. Yes, it sounds confusing, but as a business owner, you just need to know that the Iot is a term referring to your computer network.


Lastly, you need to understand both CRO and SEO. Each are important at a certain point in the marketing funnel. SEO alters your site to ensure that it connects well with the search engines and cro means that you alter the site to ensure the best conversion rate. Both, if understood can lead to a high volume of traffic and a lot of customer purchases. That’s exactly what you need if your business is going to be a success.

As you can see then, certain tech terms are important and by having even the basic understanding of them, you won’t just be nodding your head oblivious to what you’re being told when talking to a tech pro.

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WordCamp Asheville – Slides, Notes, etc

Thanks to all who attended my talk! There were some great questions and I enjoyed talking about WordPress security with you. #wcavl

As promised, here are the slides:

And here is a link to the security related RSS feeds I follow, many of which cover WordPress:

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