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Month: September 2016

The ‘Gap In The Market’ Is More Than Just A Gimmick

It’s so important for any business to find their spot in the market if they want to achieve success. Consumers have an abundance of options in every industry imaginable, so they’re spoilt for choice, in a sense. The only thing that can move potential customers within your target market to your business over the businesses of your competitors is something new.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; consumers aren’t always looking for a brand new innovative good or service. Sometimes, offering the same thing as part of a better package (either in terms of price or quantity) is all it takes. Of course, there are many other ways to make your mark on the industry than this. Here are just a few ways in which you can find your gap in the market and perhaps they’ll help highlight just how important it is for your business to find its niche.

Improve your efficiency.

Again, your business doesn’t always have to reinvent the industry in order to impress consumers and cause them to flock from your competitor to you. Sometimes, simply going the extra mile to provide a similar service but in a more impressive package is all it takes. You could focus simply on being the most efficient business in your industry. If your competitors are all promising to sort out a problem for consumers in 7 days then find a way to offer the same service in 5 days but without compromising on the quality.

There are always ways to streamline operations within a business and many of your competitors might have missed them; that could be the gap in the market you’ve been looking for. You could use technology to improve your business, for example. Automate administrative processes so that your employees can focus more of their time on the aspects of their job which can’t or shouldn’t be automated, such as helping customers and putting more time into the actual products or services that you put out to the market. It’s all about offering great customer value, at the end of the day.

Targeted marketing.

It’s so important to reach your consumers wherever they may be. In the modern age, you’ll find your target market online. Forget posters, billboards, and other traditional methods; not only does online marketing save your business money but it’s simply the best way in which to reach potential customers. You can craft your content in a specific way to reach a specific group of people, and that sounds like the perfect solution for a company which is trying to find a gap in the market and promote to consumers that it’s found that gap. Your goal is always to make things easier for customers.

You need to work on your website in order to push yourself up the search rankings and reach potential customers before your competitors. You could look into WordPress maintenance and support services to help improve your business’ blog because it’s a big selling point for consumers when a company offers substantive content and answers to their problems.

Always set new goals.

It’s not enough to strike gold once. You need to constantly reinvent your company to keep pulling in new customers. You might have found a solution to a problem that your competitors missed and that might have helped you win those customers over to your business but that won’t stop your competitors from simply offering the same service once they’ve seen what’s happened. Keep looking back at the plan and set new goals. Improving your business is an ongoing battle and you need to remain one step ahead of the game.

How Can You Get Your Website Noticed By Google?

If you’ve got a great website that has been built and you’re ready to launch your business or blog. But once you have done so, you’re not coming up high in any Google searches. If you’re not ranking well, then it can mean a lot of potential customers are not finding you. The whole thing can seem a bit fruitless if you can’t get the big search engines to take any notice.

Of course, there are billions of websites out there, and search engines like Google, will trawl through them on a daily basis. But what can you be doing to make your website more visible? Here is a little breakdown of what Google do to analyze their sites to help you get on your way. If you help the process along, you’ll be ranking quicker than you thought.


Search engines are like a modern day phone book in many ways. They will have a large index of all of the pages on the websites that they know about. Your website will only come up on that list if it is known to them. So how can you let them know your site is there? First of all, think about the content that you’re sharing. Make sure that you optimize all of your content to make it searchable. Use small and relevant URL slugs, use keywords in your content and URL, add tags to images, and just generally share your content regularly. Then, when the search engine bots are looking through websites, yours is more likely to come up. This article shares more if you’re interested: This is a slower way to do it, but it does make a difference. You can also check if your site has been listed by logging into your website dashboard. There should be a Google Indexing tab under settings and SEO. Details should be there. Then you can just carry on doing what you’re doing to keep being ranked.


Once your site is indexed and they know you’re there and that your content is there, it will come down to analyzing the content. The analysis will determine where that particular post or page ranks. The search engine might be looking for phrases or keywords that will be a good match, as well as other keywords that will indicate what kind of website this is. The algorithms the search engines use are really clever and make a difference. They will be able to tell if your website about fitness, for example, is about tips for getting fitter or about buying and selling fitness equipment.


Unfortunately, there is no magic formula when it comes to search engine ranking. You should look into things like keywords, or perhaps outsource the SEO side of things to a company like if this is for your business website. Just think about the content you’re sharing and the tags that all of the posts have. Are you adding descriptions to the pages, using heading sizes, and adding alternative text to posts and images?

All of these things can take time. But with the right website and some know-how, you can be ranking quicker than you thought. Good luck!