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Month: June 2018

Crafting Content for Your Small Business’ Webpage

Nowadays the majority of small businesses have started to operate online in order to reach a wider audience and save on the operation costs that come hand in hand with running a brick and mortar store. Now, when it comes to making a success of a website, we tend to spend most of our time focussing on our business’ web design. This is the process that ensures that your website is both aesthetically pleasing and functional and is extremely important. However, something that is less frequently highlighted, but should be of equal importance, is your website’s content. So, how can you crafting high-quality content to benefit your E-commerce store, boost sales, and generate more profit? Read on to find out!

Crafting High-Quality Content

You can’t just pull high-quality content out of thin air. You have to plan website content, ensuring that every single aspect of it is well-thought out and serving a purpose. So, let’s take a moment to look at the different types of content that you should really be focusing on.

Product Photography

Let’s start with the images of the products that you’re offering out to the consumer market. When you are operating online, people don’t have the products placed right in front of them as they would in a traditional brick and mortar store. They can’t see them. They can’t feel them. They can’t hold them and try them out. So, if you’re operating online, every sale is going to heavily rely on impressive product photography. The impact that product photography can have on how many items you sell is profound. No matter how perfect a product may be, you’re not going to see many sales go through if your product image is poor. Why? Well, customers buy with their eyes eyes. The images that you provide are all that they have to go by when deciding whether to put something in our shopping basket or not. It can display not only what’s on offer but it can emphasise the quality of the product too! For the best product photography possible, you’re going to have to hand over the work to a professional product photographer. This individual will have a stand out camera which can capture every detail of the item you’re advertising. They will also know how to use styling and lighting to your advantage. Finally, they will have a thorough knowledge of photo editing software that will allow them to put some great finishing touches to your images.

Product Descriptions

A product description gives potential customers further information about a product. So when you are writing them, it’s important to be as thorough as possible. List the product name, brand name, and a complete description of what you are selling, including details of its condition and any faults that it may have, no matter how seemingly minor. You can also let potential buyers know how old it is or how many times it has been used. If the item is clothing, list sizes and measurements. If it is a product that requires batteries or other components, let potential buyers know whether it will come with these or if they will need to purchase these themselves.

A Blog

If you don’t yet have a branded blog, it’s about time that you consider setting one up. A blog can be embedded into your website and readers can subscribe, receiving notifications each time you release a new post. But, what should you post about? Well, blogging is a great chance to communicate your brand to your customers. You can explain your business’ ethics and principles (perhaps detailing a positive and fair manufacturing process your business practices, or explaining your eco-friendly packaging options), it could introduce new product launches (detailing the features of new items you’re not offering), or it could be used to advertise special offers (such as letting customers know they can receive free postage if their purchase exceeds a certain amount). Whatever you want to say to the consumer market, your blog’s content can achieve simple and clear communication. If you aren’t the best writer yourself, consider collaborating with a professional copywriter or content creation agency who will be able to muster up some truly captivating blog posts on your behalf.

These are just a few different areas of content that you should be focusing on when setting up or improving your business’ website. Investing time and effort into each will ensure that your website is both interesting and informative. It will give your customers a great idea of what you’re all about and help them to buy into your brand!