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Month: July 2018

The Apps That Are Revolutionizing Their Industry

We are lucky to live in a day and age where we have access to plenty of technology and devices that have revolutionized how we do things. Our work and business lives can be better, as well as our everyday lives just because of some things that allow us to do things in a much easier way. In many ways, we may have not even realized that we needed it to help us, but we would feel lost without plenty of them if they were to leave. So what are some of the apps that are making waves in the world? Here are a few of them for you to learn about them or try them out.


Most of us will have heard of Twitter, even if we’re not too sure how it works. But Twitter is an incredibly powerful platform that has shaped how we all interact. With celebrities and politicians on there, as well as everyday folk sharing their views and opinions, it is getting bigger and bigger. It has changed the face of journalism, and allows influencers to have a say to the masses.


Greasebook is an app that is making waves in the industry that it is in. is basically an app for oil and gas operators. It is changing how they do things because as an oilman, you may own wells but have no idea about the status of them. So with your army of pumpers, using an app like this, you can track and enter all oil, gas, water production information, and sales tickets to help things be recorded in an easier way.


Airbnb, found at, is changing how we vacation. There were room rental sites online before, but there has been nothing like Airbnb, in that you can read about the owner and see reviews and photos. With over 3 million listings in 191 countries, you are bound to find something you need for your travels, in a more affordable way than a hotel. As a property owner, you can even use an Airbnb turnaround service to help make things run more smoothly.

Cash App

How many people deal in cash anymore? Not many, that is for sure. So for sending money between people, to have instant access, you can use something like Cash App. The great thing about it, and why it is arguably better than something like PayPal, is that it is open for kids to use too; so no more waiting around for birthday cards to arrive in the mail with your birthday money.


It should come as no surprise that there is another social media app on this listing, as they really are changing how we do things anymore. Apps like Instagram are allowing everyday people to make money from their photography, as well as providing another angle for businesses to market with. With live video, stories, and the new IGTV, it is changing how we do things; could it be replacing YouTube?

Are there any apps that you think are making waves in their industry? It would be great to hear what you think.

Tremendous Technology: Three Ways That Tech Improves Our Lives on a Daily Basis

Chances are you’ve heard someone from an older generation criticizing technology at one time or another- claiming it makes the youth of today lazy, antisocial and how we should all go back to a ‘simpler time.’ However, that really is a strange observation to make considering just how much technology has helped the world and improved our lives. Even a smartphone, an app and tech devices we can buy on the high street can make life better and more convenient for us all. Here are some of the ways technology has improved things for us all.

It Can Help Us Manage Our Health

When it comes to managing our health, research shows that we tend to overestimate the activity that we do, and underestimate the amount of calories we take in. This is a recipe for weight gain in time which can lead to all kinds of associated health problems. Thanks to things like fitness trackers and calorie tracking apps, it takes out the guesswork. We know how many calories and macros we’re taking in, and how much or how little activity we’ve done. Seeing this information clearly can motivate us to do better for our health. Other ways technology can help us manage our health is with things like medication trackers and symptom tracking apps. Smart monitors that measure things like blood pressure and blood sugar and more can send this information to your phone in an easy to understand chart. Tech can even help with mental health issues, according to, VR technology can be a great way to help people with things like phobias of the dark.


It Helps Us to Socialize

Technology is often shunned for making us more antisocial and actually creating more loneliness and isolation. However, it’s of course not black and white like this, and what it all comes down to is how you use it. If you’re skipping out on seeing loved ones in person in favor of a social media message then of course you will put distance between you. However, what about all the times you stay in contact with people or build relationships with others that simply wouldn’t have ever come to fruition without technology? Maybe you live far away from those you care about, it could even be in another country. In this case, there’s no doubt that a video call is better than nothing at all and can help you to stay in touch and keep bonds close. You’re probably in at least one Whatsapp group that allows you to stay in contact with people you wouldn’t have much hope of meeting on a regular basis, maybe due to their work or family commitments and constant clashing schedules. In this case, technology prevents you from losing touch and you still have those friendships there even if you’re not able to meet in person. Chatting online and things like gaming can help us speak to and socialize with people all over the world that we simply wouldn’t have met any other way. Look at older or disabled adults that find it difficult to get out of the house, being connected to loved ones with technology can help hugely with loneliness. Tech can be a fantastic way to bring us closer together, and isn’t the evil force that drives us apart that the media likes to make out.


It Makes us Smarter

Thanks to technology, we have all the information we could ever need at our fingertips. If we want to find out more about a topic, there’s no need to go to a library and sift through books. Online books and articles, podcasts, videos and more can all educate us and teach us whatever we want to know on a topic.