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Year: 2018

I made some shirts

Over the years, I have kept a running list of t-shirt ideas in the back of my mind, thinking that someday “I should make a t-shirt out of that.”

I finally made the effort, and now I have a shop set up where you can buy some silly things I created. Not only are they available as shirts, but you can order them as hoodies, onesies, notebooks, stickers, coffee mugs, and more.

It’s a Festivus miracle!  

Check out the shop, or browse some of the available things below.

A few new resources for pentesting/OSCP/CTFs

Here are a few new resources I’ve run across in the last month or so. I’ve gone back to add these to some of my older posts, such as the Windows Privesc Resources, so hopefully you’ll find them, one way or another.

Windows-Privilege-Escalation-Guide – bind and reverse shell JS code generator for SSJI in Node.js with filter bypass encodings

So you want to be a security engineer?

Local and Remote File Inclusion Cheat Sheet

External XML Entity (XXE) Injection Payloads


3 Ways That Social Media Helps Your Social Media Strategy

Marketing is the inseparable twin of business, and it is safe to say that you can never be a great business if you are to remove marketing from your strategic plan altogether.

However, someone who is in good in business does not necessarily equate to someone who is good in marketing. Marketing is not the strength of every business owner, and the demands of marketing are not exactly the easiest of tasks. That is why most business people opt to rely on third-party marketing companies to carry out their marketing needs, and the saved time and effort will be dedicated to other important tasks.

The most common and highly effective marketing strategy is through search engine optimization or SEO. A good business owner should know how to choose an SEO company that will give the business its much-needed marketing needs. The trend nowadays in engaging your preferred SEO company into social media strategy. Such a strategy can give your business a significant boost.

Below are some of the ways that social media can help your social media strategy.

1.  You get more bang for the buck.

The difference between social media and a dedicated website is that social media is a free platform. You don’t have to allocate your budget paying for a domain and hosting and a lot of website elements such as themes and plugins. Instead of this, most of your budget will be utilized purely for your needs in advertising, publicity, and promotion. For a much lesser cost as compared to other advertising mediums, especially traditional ones, you get to extend your sphere of influence. This translates to reaching more individuals, increasing your audience, and growing your business further. Social media platforms also offer the most cost-effective options and the lowest of costs in advertising features specifically designed to deliver your content across its network.

2.  The popularity is unbeatable.

Almost everyone you know is on social media. Your family is on them, as well as your neighbor, your friends, your business partners, the mailman delivering your mail, and the thousands of people you cross paths with every day of your life. Whenever someone sits in front of a computer and hits the web browser, you can almost be sure that he or she will go to a social media site within the first sixty seconds. Everyone has at least one social media app installed on their tablets and smartphones.

This popularity is being capitalized by businesses to deliver advertising content. Much more people will get to see the ads, and thus much more chances of potential clients and customers. It would also be a bonus if your audience themselves will share your content with their friends outside of your circle, which is basically free advertising.

3.  The algorithms do the work.

The under-the-hoods of our social media platforms are state-of-the-art, and we need not be reminded of their sophistication. When you post your content, those thousand lines of coding and advanced artificial intelligence will automatically determine the best audiences to push your ad through. Identifying your most likely clients and customers based on their likes, interests, personalities, and profile will be an automated process, and you don’t need to get a headache every time you think about whom to advertise to.

5 Reasons Social Media Helps SEO

Search engine optimization is a common marketing tool used by businesses to acquire a competitive advantage. It is an effective marketing strategy given the right expertise and adequate resources. You can opt to perform SEO for your company or hire a professional to do it. The use of social media as a marketing platform has increased over the years because most people are becoming conversant with it. Companies use social media as a fast and effective approach to create brand awareness and meet customers’ needs. You should consider social media when performing SEO for your company for the following reasons:

1.Building Brand Awareness

If you are wondering how to choose an SEO company you can trust to drive up your site’s ranking, go for the one that will strive to create awareness through facilitating the means to expose your brand by offering you a solid social media presence. It becomes easy for the user to get a list of the top ranked SEO companies on any search engine. Your target audience will be able to find you and engage through a series of questions. The search traffic of your brand on social media can help to increase the number of clicks and boost your brand awareness, which is essential for growth.

2.Social Media Platforms Are Search Engines Too

Initially, users would search for content on common search engines such as Bing and Google. This trend has shifted over the years with increased use of social media. Many companies are using social media to create awareness and attract customers. It becomes easy for users to research for company related content on any of these platforms. It is important for businesses to consider social media as a platform for SEO alongside the initial search engines.

3.Social Media Links And Clicks

Different social media platforms allow users to promote their business products under their provision for sponsored posts. Users pay a fee for their post to reach as many potential customers as possible. They will often provide a link that will redirect you to the initial business page. You get more traffic and lead with every click you get on your post. This is an SEO approach to market products on social media.

4.Ranking Connection Between Various Search Engines And Social Media Platforms

When a company’s content is ranked top in search engines such as Google, it is a good sign that it is doing well. Nowadays, when you search company’s profile on the common search engines, its social page such as Instagram is shown in the results. It indicates the relevance of social media influencing SEO.

5 .Increased Visibility

The primary goal for SEO marketing is to increase the visibility of a company’s content. Social media platforms are a good approach to ensure that your content reaches a wide coverage. Social media adds a drive to your SEO intent. You might not use the platform for promotional purposes through the sponsored posts, but the consistent provision of authentic content will increase visibility. You might not get to a high rank, but your followers are likely to share your information with others hence promoting growth.

4 Things you should know before you graduate from college

College is the best place to hone your talents, skills, and discover yourself. On the other hand, that is not what most college students do.

I do not mean to say that college should be all about your books, no. College is about learning from all aspects of life. From emotional well being, financial perspective, intellectual, among others. However, most people use the time to live a reckless life.

We all know that that is not what your parents expect from you. Their number one expectation is for you to get all the discipline you require for the next phase of your life. Here are positive tips that would be of great assistance and impact for any graduate.

1. Use your time in school well

One benefit of going to campus is that there is a lot of time in your hands. You have a responsibility to use it well or let it go down the drain.

According to various studies, scientists found out that students use 36 percent of their time sleeping and 14 percent of their time pursuing educational activities. Choose to be different. Use your free time to study, do extra research, meet with your professors and ask if you can be of help to them.

Campuses also organize frequent seminars. These seminars help students improve their skills or teach them new ones. On that note, please avoid skipping class at all costs. It may bring in detrimental effects to your studies.

2. Learn a new skill or language

The job world is not a bed of roses. Many people think that once they finish school, they will get a job directly. Your certificate may not be the only thing you require to get a job.

Your curriculum vitae should be top notch to attract potential employers. Therefore, use the extra time to learn a new skill or language. For instance, if you are taking a course from abroad, learn the local language. If you are looking to learn local languages, such as German, this ultimate guide is perfect for you.

Statistics say that people who can speak more than one language have a high potential of earning a job. Additionally, your skill could enhance the ability you learn in your course.

3. Get a part-time job

Instead of spending time lying around, or partying, use your extra time to earn some money. People who do this have more benefits than those who waste their time in the institution.

One benefit of a part-time job is the fact that it helps you gather experience, though the compensation may not be enough. Use it to gain skills and learn about the job environment. By the way, you could also use some of the amounts to offset your college fund.

Additionally, look for internship opportunities. It will be a great way to get some exposure and an excellent opportunity to get your first job once you graduate.

4. Make the right decisions

By now, you should be confident with the course that you selected. Always make the right choices. You will need your friends from time to time, but you have to make decisions for yourselves.

Think about the lifestyle that you would want to live, the people in your inner circle, and the type of job that you want to do. Early decision-making will make it easier when you have tons of responsibilities on your hand.

You will not have to adjust your paths. Do not wait until your graduate for you to do what you want. Start to go for it early when you are still a student.


Do not be frustrated because you could not get a job one you graduate. As long as you present yourself in the right way, you will be happy that you made the right decisions in college.

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