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Month: April 2020

Easy-to-Use Apps Your Business Needs in 2020

There are state-of-the-art creative tools you can use to market your business online and with analytical apps, you can monitor the results of your sales and understand your client base. The more you get technology working for you will not only help your company run more efficiently but you will also make a better impression on your clients and investors. Not only will apps make your company more productive but it will appear more legit and reliable. Here are some examples of how apps can boost your business. 

Cloud-based apps

If you need to share a lot of information fast then the best way to do this is with cloud computing. This means that without send files you will upload them online so they can be accessed online by clients and staff. Google’s all-in-one G Suite is perfect to get you started. 

Shipstation is a cloud-based app that sends real packages. The fastest and easiest way to deliver to your customers, Shipstation makes buying and selling online simple. It takes care of your orders, returns, and inventory, so you won’t have to. 

Design apps

Photoshop has always set the bar high and never fails to impress. It’s not the cheapest option but it just might pay for itself through the success of your marketing. Create high-quality images and more. Learn more advanced tips on how to use Photoshop for your business

Pixelo is a fantastic package of design tools which is great for any small business. It comes with vector graphic bundles that aid you in promoting your branding through presentations, flyers, cover photos, and promotional t-shirts that influencers can wear. Get creative using state-of-the-art design technology and up your logo-ing skills.

Publishing apps

Podcasts are a fun way to add content to your website and spread the news about your business, give tutorials or useful advice. The good thing is they are very cheap to make as all you need is a good quality microphone on your PC in order to record and audio editing software, Audacity is a great example. 

Why not create a blog for your business? Publish your blog online using an app such as Google Blogger. You can choose what you write about and make it relevant and interesting to your readers while promoting your latest products. 

Marketing apps

Once you have set up digital marketing tools it’s important to collate the results. CRM apps can help you to record all of your marketing data, digital and otherwise, and will display the information in a variety of clear formats. It’s vital to get in touch with your client base and their needs. To delve deeper, Infusionsoft is an example of a marketing tool that can track over 10,000 contacts. It also can take live recordings of your interactions with clients. 
If you want to develop your knowledge of technology and become an expert in things like hacking and cyber-security, contact Norwich University for advice on how to pursue a career in this field.

Attract a Bigger Audience With Covid-19 Digital Signage

Digital signage is like your organization’s ambassador. Effective communication within the organization and the target audience: Covid-19 digital signage is very vital in communication within the organization and to the target audience these days. It promotes your business popularity by informing the public where it is located, the product, and the services offered among other things.That way, it Channels traffic to your business. However, you can attract more audience by creating your own digital signage. The public billboards that you see on the street may not do you a great job for the following reasons:

Competition: there is always a long line of business owners waiting to make their adverts on such screens, which may mean you will have to wait for a couple of days to be the next.

Expenses: making advertisements on some public billboards is costly, particularly the ones on busy streets. Since they are on-demand, you may have to go deep into your pocket for your products to feature on such screens.

by informing the public where it is located, the product, and the services offered among other things. That way, it Channels traffic to your business. However, you can attract more audience by creating your own digital signage. The public billboards that you see on the street may not do you a great job for the following reasons:

Competition: there is always a long line of business owners waiting to make their adverts on such screens, which may mean you will have to wait for a couple of days to be the next.

Expenses: making advertisements on some public billboards is costly, particularly the ones on busy streets. Since they are on-demand, you may have to go deep into your pocket for your products to feature on such screens.

Flexibility:  Due to the long line, you may not make your adverts at the scheduled time. It may get displayed long after the time you scheduled to display the information.

Distance: the signage screen may be far away from your business location, and that may mean around where your business is located may miss on the advert.

No possible interaction with the audiences: most of the public signage screens are hung so high that the audience may not reach the screen. 

Advantages of creating your own Covid-19 digital signage

Effective communication within the organization and the target audience: Digital signage is very vital in communication within the organization and to the target audience. The best part of this technology is the fact that it is interactive. For instance, some signage allows the customers to drag and drop the information where they need it.

Besides, the information can be customized such that you only pass information to the right people within the organization and the target audiences. Even more, you have the privilege to schedule when to display the information.

Working remotely: creating your digital signage also enables you to operate your different business in different locations from a central point. Thankfully, some signages can be operated through Androids and tablet apps. .

An excellent branding tool:  Having your own screens along every busy highway promoting your company gives it a different perception. The audience will perceive your organization as one of the dominant within the locality.

Digital signage at the purchase point guarantees customer self-service: The long hours of waiting in the line to be served are reduced. Customers at the purchase point can inquire about the products without reaching you and pick on what they want, which saves them time. Such services entice customers, and the chances are that they will come back.

Entertaining customers at the waiting line: You may install your digital signage just to entertain customers at the purchase point. This reduces perceived wait times.

How to create attractive digital signage template

To create an attractive template for marketing, consider the followings:

Use ideal font size

Your signage adverts need to be readable. Small fonts receive very little response compared to larger fonts. Besides, it will depend on what the signage is meant for. For instance, if it is designed for education practices the text should be very clear.

The best way to determine the ideal font size is to put you in the target audience’s shoes. If you can read your fonts comfortably from the screen, so will the viewers.

With that being clarified, where you place your signage screen will determine the font you use. For instance, consider whether the audience will be walking on foot past the area or drive by car. If on the car, then the fonts should be clear enough to read from the vehicle.

Another essential aspect to consider is whether the majority in the area are senior citizens or young. Senior citizens are likely to have eye problems, which will warrant the fonts to be large enough.

Another vital thing to consider when it comes to fonts is the clarity of the font. It would be best if you avoided things like italicizing the fonts or giving the shape that makes it hard to read. The writings need to be as natural as possible.

Get a grasp of color theory.

When creating your digital signage, coloring will be a crucial aspect of attracting the audience’s attention. There is always a distinct emotion and association when it comes to color. Color determines how people perceive your business.

For instance, if you display your green color products on the signage screen, people may perceive your products as eco-friendly. On the other hand, the red color may indicate the product’s durability or sturdiness. Such tranquil vibes inspired by color displayed are likely to channel traffic.

When dealing with colors, you have to consider the society you are targeting—for instance, having your products advertised in orange glow in the Netherlands show some royalty or high class. In most parts of Europe, however, orange color indicates a fordable product.

Here are some aspects of color theory that you should be applying while creating your digital signage marketing strategy.

White color communicates hygiene and a new beginning. If you are running a wedding farm or selling kitchen appliances, this may be the best color to form most of your advertisement templates images.

Black is associated with strength, power, and luxury. If you are running a jewelry retail shop, designing advert templates of this color will fit. Or say luxury footwear, marketing in black may indicate some level of royalty.

Yellow is a warm color and is meant to get customers excited. It indicates a friendly mood, and for that reason, it is excellent for attracting young audiences.

Red also imparts excitement, particularly the bright red color. At the same time, it indicates some level of the sturdiness of a product. On the other hand, orange indicates a warm mood and has always been associated with affordable products in most parts of the world.

With that being said, knowing the color theory and applying it in your digital signage template marketing strategy is a great way to lure customers.

Digital signage is the best way to attract customers to your business. Moreover, it eases communication within the organization, and therefore, every business manager requires it. When creating your digital signage, you should mind about quality templates and relevancy to the target audiences. To achieve this, you should put advance practices such as color theory and font to ensure that your signage never falls flat.

Your sign needs to be concise wherever they are, easy to see for all customers and on-brand. Try that, and you will attract traffic into your business that may be too much for you to handle.

Smart With Money? 3 Places That Are Worth Investing

When it comes to investing, you really do need to know what you’re doing. While people have undoubtedly got lucky and made big money by fluking their way through- generally speaking, throwing money into something without knowing exactly what you’re doing is a surefire way to lose the lot. When it comes to investing it’s particularly tricky because there’s fantastic money to be earned, but there’s always some element of risk involved. Companies can go bust meaning you lose money on your shares. The prices of commodities can fluctuate depending on what’s going on in the world, and things like cryptocurrencies can be particularly volatile. We can see this very clearly in light of the current pandemic, but other big global events such as the recession have also caused some unsavoury losses for investors. It could be said that to earn big with investing you need to be the right kind of person, someone that can be daring and take risk when needed, but be disciplined enough to know when it’s time to take a step back or sell up. If investing is something that you think suits you, here are some different options to get involved in. 


The stock market is an incredibly exciting place to invest, with so many different markets, commodities and strategies there’s something to suit all kinds of investors. Making money IN money such as in cryptocurrency, forex or indices attracts a lot of interest and investors, if this is something you’d like to get started in it’s something to do your research on. For example, it’s not just what you choose to invest in but your strategy too. You’ll need to learn about everything from crypto server hosting to mining to all of the ins and outs to have the best understanding and opportunity to make money. There are brokers out there who can help you, and softwares you can get which simulate the market giving you an idea of how things work before you invest real money.


To be successful in investing in business, you really need to be knowledgeable with your own experience in founding and running successful companies. If you’ve already made a good fortune in business then becoming an investor could be an easy way to make money doing something you’re passionate about, and you can be as involved as you like. Some investors act as mentors and guide the businesses they’re working with through the process, others take a step back and simply cash in on the profits. 

PropertyProperty is relatively low risk in terms of investments. It’s always in high demand for both rental and buying/ selling and over time your investment will grow (far more than it would in any high interest savings account). As long as you have insurance to protect the building itself for damage its something that could be kept in your family for generations or be sold whenever you like. You could rent out student properties or holiday homes, you could buy and sell for a profit ‘flipping’ houses or you could build your own properties from scratch.

Tips for Growing and Developing your Own Tech Company

If you have an idea that you believe has the potential to become the next big thing, then you have come to the right place. This guide will help you to turn your idea into something far bigger, as well as showing you the steps you need to take to become a global sensation.

Build your Product

When starting a tech company, you need to focus on building your product. When you have something that is solid, you can then spend the rest of your time marketing and providing support. If you rush this process or if you try and cut corners, then this will really impact your overall success and you may even find that you end up leaving your customers with a bad impression.

Hire Sales Staff

If you want to get the best result out of your product launch, then you need to try and avoid hiring sales staff for right now. Instead, you need to hire staff for where you see yourself in the next year or two.  A lot of companies end up stumping their overall growth potential because they hire for the needs that they have right now instead of hiring for the company that they want to be in the future.


It’s so important that you have a good tactic, or strategy. If you don’t then you may find it hard to know which direction you should be pushing your company in and you may even find that you end up stumping your growth. If you want to help yourself here, then you need to try and plan out where you would like to be in the next year or two and then plan everything else out accordingly.


It’s vital that you allow enough time to fail. If you don’t give yourself chance to fail, then you may end up struggling and you won’t be able to achieve your full potential. If you aren’t failing then this could be a sign that you are not pushing yourself hard enough so you need to keep this in mind as much as possible.

Seek out Partners

Another thing that you need to do is try and seek out partners and investors. If you don’t then you may never be able to take your company to that next level. The main reason for this is because partners and investors can complement your services, while also giving you access to funding that would otherwise not have been available. This is especially important if you want to delve into the IPO roadshow process visit SmartRoom to learn more.

Of course, there are so many things that you need to think about when starting your own business and if you follow the above tips then you will soon find that it is easier than ever for you to get a great result out of your overall idea without compromise. If you want some additional help, then consider hiring a mentor who can guide you through the process.

Why SEO Can Help Your Business Quicker

SEO is a huge topic that many of us fail to get our heads around. We know it exists and vaguely what it does but it is a very tricky area that many will not fully understand. You do not need to know the full ins and outs of it but what you do need to know is how to use it to your advantage. If you are running any kind of business, you need to have the necessary tools to help build it up. This may include using mikrotik vps or Norton antivirus security. Both are important when going forward in your business for keeping it very secure. So why is SEO important? And firstly what does SEO stand for? It stands for Search Engine Optimization and it helps Google determine where your business should rank in searches. 

  • SEO gives a better user experience for all 
  • SEO is an excellent source of leads 
  • SEO brings higher close rates
  • SEO can aid with better conversion rates 
  • SEO promotes effective cost management 
  • SEO encourages local users to visit your website 
  • SEO builds up brand trust and credibility 
  • SEO will help raise awareness of your brand to others 

If you are a growing business and you’re working from home or from an office, then SEO is always going to have to be a priority for your website. Never underestimate the power of a no-follow link. The more good links on your page, the more command you have of your website, the higher your DA and so on and so forth. Do-follow links can come at your discretion, but can affect your Google standing but they don’t have to! The keywords to make your website appear higher up in Google searches, depends on where you use your keywords. Good clear titles, consistency with the keywords and the topic of the website content is also key. Key in your buzzwords when adding any image to your site, which helps with Google searches too as these are known as ALT tags and will also improve user experiences; which will always be of benefit to you. Over time, Google picks up on this and you may start seeing your photos appearing in Google searches, which means that your tagging system has worked and you’re starting to see results. If these were products that were showing in Google, then really you have hit the jackpot, but give these results time to catch up.

All in all, the key to success in any job or industry is passion and most importantly, if you love what you do and your business is shaped up so that your audience can see that, then you’re halfway there. You may have quiet days, your website hits may drop or they may rise, lately of course, internet shopping is greatly on the rise more than ever before, putting Amazon at the top, but above all you should remember you are never alone and there are plenty of other SMEs out there also on the exact same journey.

Top 10 Best Digital Signage Apps

The market for digital signage is expected to grow by 8% between now and 2024; this is according to recent research. Of this growth, North America will be the largest market.

This simply means that several people have already joined the digital signage bandwagon, and more people are expected to participate. In the next four years, you will have so many competitors.

That information alone should be enough to prompt you to jump ahead of your competitors by modernizing your advertisements. Besides, we have offered you a list of the ten best Digital Signage Apps to help you through the transformation.

Enplug Digital Signage

If you are a digital signage user looking for the most convenient digital signage App, then look no more. To start with, the ease of use is a phenomenon. The device is simple to set up and sort into display groups. Content curation through various Enplug Apps is a breeze.

In addition, this device knows no boundaries. With its ability to operate remotely, you are sure to monitor and manage any multiple signage players from any device from anywhere.

Lastly, installing this software guarantees your organization an easy to schedule content. Also, social media content displays are aesthetically pleasing. You are also able to control the time of different types of content.


  • It can be operated remotely.
  • Easy to use services that save time.


  • NVIDIA remotes have trouble pairing sometimes. However, this is a rare case.


This is cloud-based digital signage. It is very easy to use and packed with powerful features to drive any digital signage requirements. It manages several contents such as weather, stock, clock, among others. 

Creating schedules for birthdays or clients visiting welcome signs is a breeze. No longer will you spend on charts for the static billboards. Besides, it supports a host of media players like Fire TV stick, LG WebOS, Android, etc. To crown it all, it enables remote access. 


  • Easy to use and create schedules.
  • Can be operated remotely.
  • An inbuilt App store that enables you to create signage.,


  • Creating a custom layout is a bit tricky. 



Use your screen to educate, engage, and entertain your customers and employees by installing Upshow software. Upshow guarantees you one of the most interactive and intriguing marketing tools.

You will love the fact that it consistently provides new content without you having to update them. That way, it is capable of drawing customers’ attention all on its own.


  • Very interactive and engaging
  • Easy to use.


  • Sometimes scheduling a spotlight for just a few hours gets tricky.
  • Doesn’t link to Facebook.


Intuiface is an unbeatable easy-to-use signage App with amazing in-build assets that you can use to create touchscreen or tablet experience. Besides, a wide variety of samples are available to download through their websites. With the help of a vast collection of web help guides and friendly online communities, you can create, design, and schedule content easily from their websites.

Consequently, you can easily use attention-grabbing media like images, videos, data dashboards, office doc, and social media to get your message across to the staff and clients.


  • Work on many operating systems.
  • You can operate remotely
  • Easy to use and navigate interface.
  • Friendly customer support.


  • Video processing is not very efficient.


Not many digital signages do the trick like Yodeck. If you are looking for a provider that correctly supports all the media, your search ends here. Yodeck supports all images, videos, PDF files, office docs, data dashboards, and social media.

Besides, you can access your organization screen through desktop and other devices remotely. With Yodeck, you really want to be creative; the drag and drop zone editing features enable you to organize content in a very creative way.

It boasts of exceptional signage that is appropriate to the business of all sizes. Delta Airlines, Auto Desk, Adobe, and Dominos are some of the famous companies that use it.


  • Can be operated remotely.
  • Perfectly support attention-grabbing media.
  • Applicable in the business of all sizes.


  • Some of them may seem clunky sometimes.

BrightSign App 

BrightSign prides itself on the ability to integrate and display information from multiple sources using a single platform. It is the easiest way to solve the mentioned problem, a quality that makes it fit for commercial display.

This App is also one of the easiest to use. For one reason, you can group the players for automatic upload. It is also easy to swap, change IP, among others.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Suitable for a commercial display.


  • It is a bit slow.


This is another provider that fits for any project size. Viewneo can be used on many devices. It will make you appreciate the experience with an Android TV. Besides, it is very easy to install and control.

It boasts of a drag and drop interface that is very brilliant and makes building templates or slides quickly. In summary, if you want to create a seamless customer experience, this is your App. 


  • Applicable in projects of all sizes.
  • Building informational templates or slides is a breeze.
  • The best customer experience.
  • Easy to use, simple and straightforward.


  • Dragging contents into the playlist is not precise, i.e., may end up in a wrong position.


For someone taking his business into the digital world for the first time, EasySignage will be the application for you. This owes to the fact that it is easy to use and affordable for any business.

It is designed to be secure and straightforward to users yet full of features. Being an Android-based player with a web-based management system, it is a high-speed provider. Even better, it supports all android based digital signage screens, including Sony, Philips, and Samsung. If you decide on this digital signage app, you are sure to get one display free.


  • Always offers one display free
  • Secure and straightforward to users.
  • Support all android based digital signage.

Educate the Wait

If you want one of the best ways to increase customer engagement and satisfaction is through this digital signage app. The good news is, you can efficiently operate it even if it is your first experience. Ideal signage to first-timers in the digital world.


  • Super easy to use.
  • Very interactive.


If you aim to create a stunning visual that demands the audience’s attention, this could be the best provider. 

ScreeScape customers can quickly turn any screen into a connected digital sign using a simpler and straightforward plug and play device. Besides, will help you manage, update, and monitor the screen once it is connected to the internet.

Even more significant is an easy to navigate content management system that offers a range of automation techniques, flexible editing tools, and built-in infotainment options. Besides, there is free training on how to navigate the system.


  • Very interactive and engaging.


  • Log in requirements may be a challenge to new users.