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Month: June 2021

4 Easy Ways to Promote Your Music Online

4 Easy Ways to Promote Your Music Online

The number of people exposed to your music directly influences the number of listeners you gain as a musician. Therefore, good promotion is essential to growing your brand as a music artist. But, with diverse ways to promote and market your music digitally, how do you decide on the best ways to reach a broader range of listeners? Consider these four ways to promote your music online. 

Personal music website

A personal music website leaves a better impression than providing social media profiles. It also shows more professionalism and seriousness about your craft. Unlike social media platforms, creating a music website leaves no limitation to your brand. You have control over every content hosted on the website. Your fans and enquirers would always find you at your official website address. A music website also facilitates the sale of music content and artist merchandise. This allows an artist to make more money by receiving support from fans directly. There are no restrictions to access databases. Hence you get to run promotional ads, announce new music, and host virtual shows and events on your music website. 


Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms that allow real-time interactions. It is the best place to interact with your fans and connect with other artists and music industry professionals. Twitter’s interaction model has features like retweets, hashtags, likes, tagging, or mentioning that will enable you to optimize your interactions to a broader audience. Another tip to using Twitter for promoting music is using external links. The platform allows you to add external links to your tweets and interactions. For example, you can even promote links from your YouTube profile via Twitter. Finally, it enables paid marketing features like promoted tweets which allow content to reach different countries.


Spotify is the best place to promote your music and grow your audience. The onset of streaming services that offer app monetization services to music artists has increasingly exposed millions of music catalogs to millions of music lovers worldwide. Spotify has many features like Spotify for Artists, Spotify Ad Studio, and Marquee campaigns that function uniquely to make music available to music lovers. For example, Spotify for Artists adds promotional value to your music and allows you to manage your audience statistics and artist profile for free. 

With Spotify, you can pitch upcoming releases to playlist editors and have your releases included in the editorial team’s playlist as a way of promoting your music. Getting any of your songs featured on a playlist gives it extraordinary reach and can propel your music career. Spotify also offers different marketing tools like Spotify Ad studio and Marquee Campaigns. Ad Studio is an easy way to create multimedia ads for free listeners. 

Music blogs

Music blogs are still essential in the modern music industry and aid in creating exposure. Popular music blogs have a more comprehensive range of audiences to make new fans of your music. Music blogs host interviews that disclose the work and personality of new artists. These interviews are great opportunities to get your craft out there as well as gain new fans. Research online music blogs and the music genres they may work with, read the submission guidelines of any blog compatible with your style or brand then go-ahead to pitch your content to the blogging website.

5 Security Problems Businesses Desperately Need To Solve

Cybersecurity is big news thanks to a raft of high-profile attacks on major brands in recent years. But companies, by and large, are still struggling to get up to speed with the problem. They know that they need to bolster their security. But it’s so technical, they’re not always sure how. 

Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you covered. In this post, we run through some of the security problems that businesses desperately need so you can get a heads-up. 

Failing To Use Guest WiFi

A lot of businesses have firewalls and antivirus software. But only a small number of them separate guest WiFi from their regular WiFi. And that’s a problem. 

WiFi isn’t just access to the internet. It’s also the system employees use to transfer files or folders between each other. Thus, if your regular and guest WiFi is the same, then anyone could potentially get access to your files – not what you want. 

The solution is simple though: just set up a separate guest WiFi that only guests can use. 

No Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters are highly likely to occur at some point in the life of an average business. But despite this impending doom, many companies don’t have recovery plans in place. And that makes clearing up afterwards even more challenging. 

Bouncing back from a disaster requires backing up all your drives and encrypting as many communications with other sites as you can. 

It also means being frank about what level of attack you can protect yourself again, something you can get more info on here. Businesses are usually able to resist infiltration by regular hackers. But they may struggle to constantly hold off entire nation states working against them. 

Too Much Employee Access

Many companies are still operating under a model which says that once people become employees, they should have access to the entire network. But this is a bad approach because it increases the risk of a breach. 

For instance, imagine if an employee leaves their laptop on the train and a hacker finds it. If the employee has universal access, the hacker can get any information they want about your company. 

The trick here is to segment access on a need-to-know basis. Only allow employees to access files they require to do their jobs. Block the rest. 

Reliance On Old Systems

In today’s security environment, legacy systems are, unfortunately, a disaster waiting to happen. These old systems usually have fatal flaws in their security protocols which marks them out as a target. 

If you’re using old systems, try to update them. Both new hardware and software – fully supported – are essential. 

Failing To Use Active Security Management

Here’s another mistake business always makes too easily: failing to use active management. 

Active security management is where a third party company watches your network 24/7, looking for signs of suspicious activity. In today’s security environment it is necessary because antivirus software can’t catch everything. However, trained security analysts can, offering companies added levels of protection that they wouldn’t otherwise get.

Learn How To Maximize Data Security In Your Business

Are you thinking about security standards in your business? If so, then you do need to be aware of the importance of data security. If you don’t take steps to protect your data then you could be the next brand to sustain a massive hack. As well as damaging your business reputation, it could make customers think twice before buying from you again in the future. So, how can you max out your data security? Here are some options.

Use An IT Management Solution

First, you might want to think about investing in the services of an IT support team. The right IT support service will monitor your systems and ensure that there is no sign of a breach that does need to be rectified. IT support might seem like an expensive addition to your business model. But you can hire freelancers or an outsourcing agent to ensure that the cost remains under control here. 

Use The Right Apps

You could be looking at downloading apps for use in your business from resources such as APKdojo. Apps for your tech devices are great but it’s important to understand that some apps will not provide the same level of security. If you want to protect the transfer of sensitive information, then you should use apps like Whatsapp Business. With this option, all the data you send is encrypted in both directions. You might also want to consider explore a VPN. With a virtual private network, you can ensure that any data being sent remains on your own personal network, again enhancing security. 

Use A Cloud 

Experts agree that holding your data off-site on a cloud is always going to be safer and more secure compared to saving it on a hard drive. The main issue with a hard-drive is that it is far too easy to access. Even if you put passwords and other security measures in place, it’s possible to break through these to find the information that a hacker needs. With a cloud solution, things are far more complex for a criminal. While not complete fool proof, a cloud service is a great way to get an extra layer of security. 

Invest In Training 

Finally, you need to make sure that you are investing in training for your employees. Generally speaking, if a hack does happen it will involve your employees being manipulated, often through phishing scams. If you’re worried about this issue, then do make sure that you think about teaching employees to recognize the signs of a scam. The right training can ensure that your business is far less vulnerable to an issue like this and guarantee that everyone is on the lookout for the typical warning signs. 

We hope this helps you realize some of the best ways that you will be able to maximize the data security standards in your business model. If you take the right steps here, then you can ensure that your company is not vulnerable to hacks and other types of security breaches that could bring your company crashing down.

Will Chatham’s Musical Variety Show is out!

My new solo album is out (unofficially)! It has been “soft launched” at and you can stream the whole thing from there, or buy it to download and listen to as you wish.

The album features some musical mastery from friend and former bandmate Morgan Geer (bass on Donald Trump Eats Babies), as well as the vocal talents of current bandmate David Earl Tomlinson (vocals on Hello My Friend).

Additionally, my two teens, Gray Chatham and Dax Chatham, contributed trumpet and sax parts on several songs. Needless to say, I am stoked at how all this came together.

The CDs and officially release to all the usual streaming services will be happening soon, but for now, here is the album. I hope you find something on it you like – it is a, well, variety of genres!

Top Smart Ways for Startups to Raise Funds

You can have an exceptional business idea, but it would be difficult to kick start your venture without startup capital. That’s why a 2019 study found approximately 90% of startups fail. If you’re thinking of starting an enterprise or you already launched one, you may want to consider the best ways you can raise funds. While the success of sourcing funding may depend on several factors, like business type, this post outlines the top reliable ways to get you started, including:

Government Loans and Grants

You can rely on the government to get funding depending on your country of residence. However, you need to ensure your startup idea can lead to your country’s growth. It should also focus on developing a certain industry. One of the best ways to achieve this is spotting an upcoming area and evaluating business ideas that can excel there.

 For example, residents in the United States can apply for such loans through the U.S. Agency for International Development. To increase the likelihood of getting considered, you need to comply with the government’s specific legal requirements. Many countries across the globe offer such initiatives, and you may want to research to find whether yours has this provision. For more information, visit Clark Street Associates Skywater.

Business Bootstrapping 

 Before you can launch your startup, it’s vital to have some savings you can access. You can also reach out to your family members and friends for assistance. This is called bootstrapping and can be a straightforward way to get your business started. 

 If you can successfully convince your family members and friends about your startup idea, this can be a great funding source. One advantage of this is that settling loans from friends and family can be flexible. Here are genuine reasons you may want to try bootstrapping:

  • Interest rates can be flexible
  • You can access loans without bureaucratic obstacles
  • Reduced challenges when getting the loans
  • Seek Loan from a Reputable Financial Institution

 Despite the emerging ways of sourcing funds, getting loans through traditional financial institutions is still beneficial to many entrepreneurs. For example, research shows at least 75% of funds for startups include credit cards and business loans sources. For approval, lenders may require the applicant to:

  • Have a business with solid revenues
  • Have a business that has been operational for at least two years
  • Have strong credit
  • Ongoing contracts

Angel Investors

 These are people with extra cash and willing to support startups. Working with angel investors can open reliable networks for an entrepreneur. You can also benefit from mentorship programs that can help you manage the capital and run your business. 

 Some of the most established entities like Alibaba, Yahoo, and Google relied on angel investors during their initial growth stages.

Participate in Contests

 If you believe your business idea is exceptional, you can try your luck with contests. These are platforms for aspiring entrepreneurs with unique ideas to pitch them for an opportunity to win cash prizes. Due to competition, you should ensure your business plan is comprehensive. The idea is to stand out from other competitors. Participating in these contests can expose you to other networks where you can source funding.


 Starting an enterprise without the required capital can be detrimental to your startup’s growth. If you have a great business idea but lack the capital to get started, do not shy from trying the methods outlined in this post to raise funds.

How Parents Can Foster A Love of STEM In Their Kids

If you are looking for ways to pique your child’s interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), we have put together a list of six ideas to help you introduce them to the wonders of technology and science. According to Change the Equation, a STEM education advocacy group, a little over half of the schools offer any sort of computer science class.

This means that is often up to the parents to foster a love of these all important areas of learning in their children. The good news is that most children are naturally fascinated by all things related to science and technology – their natural curiosities want to learn more about how and why things work. Here, we look at a few ways that you can encourage a love of these disciplines.

Look at the world together

The world is literally one big laboratory for children to explore and investigate. Instead of giving them the answers to questions[, encourage them to think about it themselves and find their own answers by looking, touching, smelling, and reading. There are plenty of very basic science experiments that you can do at home to get to the bottom of their questions.

You can also look at coding and building things together, from moveable models and robots to even building your own software and websites. It can be overwhelming if you are not particularly au fait with the tech, but tools such as Whitehat Jr can be fun to look at together.

Look at STEM professionals

There are so many people out there who are masters in the world of science and technology and engineering. Look at NASA astronauts, deep sea explorers, and even well-known people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Seeing how others have been successful in the field can inspire them to develop their love and understanding of the subjects.

Give them the tools

Children’s books and online resources can help parents instill a passion for science in their children, but so can the correct toys. And, happily, there are now more excellent choices than ever before. Focus on toys that may be used for a variety of purposes and that can be played with indefinitely. Lego, magnetic tiles, and good old building blocks can give them hours of fun and get them thinking about how things work and go together without realizing it. Of course, it does not even have to be commercially produced toys – sticks and stones can literally be one of the best toys for a child interested in STEM.

Keep it fun

Above all, remember to have fun! You do notwant to bore youngsters or overwhelm them with knowledge; instead, you want to stimulate their problem-solving abilities. Even gaming is good, despite it having a bad reputation. Playing many games, such as Mario Karts, requires problem solving, planning, and timing, all of which are similar to programming. Games like Minecraft, which allow youngsters to plan, construct, and see the outcomes, are similar.