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Verizon Succesfully Defends Privacy of Alleged BitTorrent Pirates

Verizon also refused to hand over information in order to protect the privacy of its subscribers, which they feel is at stake in these ongoing mass-BitTorrent lawsuits. The company asserted that Wiley is seeking “information that is protected from disclosure by third parties’ rights of privacy and protections guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Way to go, Verizon. I’m a newer one of your customers, and this sort of thing makes me happy to be with you.

Some Updates

Here are some updates of what has been happening around here lately.

First, I moved in with Rachael a few weeks ago, and last week they pulled a dead person out of the apartment downstairs. He or she had been there long enough to stink up the stairwells pretty bad. The EMS folks had to wear full-on biohazard suits. Check it out:

Dax and I went out to a farm in Clyde with Gary and his girls to check out a party where they were building a real, working trebuchet. Unfortunately, there were a series of setbacks, and they never got the thing working, but it still looked pretty cool.

Rachael and I attended the 16th Annual James Brown Oktoberfest, which was the first time for both of us, where I walked away with the Best Male Costume prize.  No one else was able to pull of the German pimp look as well as I. I owe it all to Rachael, of course, since she sewed my costume (and her own as well).

That’s all for now. Stay tuned!