A Brilliant Analysis of the Battle of Hoth

battle of hoth

My favorite scene from my favorite movie, the Battle of Hoth led to many recreations of snow speeders tangling up AT-ATs in my living room as a kid. Who’d ever have thought that it was so…well, poorly executed? The menacing Imperial walkers, the ominous snow troopers, and the cocksure ground commanders reporting their success to Lord Vader. I loved it.

But check out this analysis to see what was really wrong, and what could have been better.

Quick overview: H vs S vs E IPS monitors

If your looking for a new monitor and want the very best for graphic/design usage you may want to look into an IPS display. Obviously, Apples 27 inch is sweet, but unless your a dedicated Mac user, you may want to look else where. However, I think they are the only ones with a 27 incher with all those features under a grand at this time.

Anyway, here’s a few quick and decent articles to get you started.

H-IPS vs S-IPS vs TN

List of IPS LCDs

LCD Panel Types

Keep in mind, if your a gamer, you may want to stick with the standard LCD’s at this time, especially since 3D enabled ones are decently priced and will work well with your PS3 etc.


High End Desktop for a Low End price

Want to build a high end desktop computer for a low end price (around $600 or less)?

Note: I don’t include Windows 7 in the default build, as you can just download Ubuntu, Fedora, or OpenSuSE Linux etc. for free. However, I’ve included links for Windows 7 (student and normal) in the Additional options section.

I would like to suggest the following components for people that want a really nice system without breaking the bank.

I just built a new machine that could support running multiple VMware instances, encode FLAC quickly, and surf the web etc. without breaking the bank. I didn’t need or want video gaming support since I use a PS3 for that.
However, I’ll suggest a view options (including gaming cards) that will allow you to alter the basic system we’ll be discussing.

This build is based on AMD/ATI since it really does perform well and saves a good chunk of money, but the parts can be swapped very easily to make it an Intel system that won’t break the bank either.

I’ll expand on why I chose the parts and provide direct links as well. (I use Newegg, but use anyone you like)

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