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Category: Geeky Greats

I made some shirts

Over the years, I have kept a running list of t-shirt ideas in the back of my mind, thinking that someday “I should make a t-shirt out of that.”

I finally made the effort, and now I have a shop set up where you can buy some silly things I created. Not only are they available as shirts, but you can order them as hoodies, onesies, notebooks, stickers, coffee mugs, and more.

It’s a Festivus miracle!  

Check out the shop, or browse some of the available things below.

A Brilliant Analysis of the Battle of Hoth

battle of hoth

My favorite scene from my favorite movie, the Battle of Hoth led to many recreations of snow speeders tangling up AT-ATs in my living room as a kid. Who’d ever have thought that it was so…well, poorly executed? The menacing Imperial walkers, the ominous snow troopers, and the cocksure ground commanders reporting their success to Lord Vader. I loved it.

But check out this analysis to see what was really wrong, and what could have been better.

Quick overview: H vs S vs E IPS monitors

If you’re looking for a new monitor and want the very best for graphic/design usage you may want to look into an IPS display. Obviously, Apples 27 inch is sweet, but unless you’re a dedicated Mac user, you may want to look else where. However, I think they are the only ones with a 27 incher with all those features under a grand at this time.

Anyway, here’s a few quick and decent articles to get you started.

H-IPS vs S-IPS vs TN

List of IPS LCDs

LCD Panel Types

Keep in mind, if you’re a gamer, you may want to stick with the standard LCD’s at this time, especially since 3D enabled ones are decently priced and will work well with your PS3 etc.