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Awesome Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier

Gadgets are something which most of us use in our day to day lives for a number of different uses, and some can be more helpful than others. Today we are taking a look at some of the most handy gadgets of all which should make your life so much more simple this year.


The first handy gadget we are going to talk about to make life easier today is the iPad. The iPad is a device which is essential like a whole computer bundled up in a sleek package, and you can do almost anything on here on the go. You can make documents, surf the Internet and create art on the go and it can be super handy for working people. You can also use a 2019 ipad air case to cover the protect the iPad when you have it in your bag for maximum handiness.

Dash Cam

If you have a car and you want a super helpful gadget for yours this year, there is nothing more useful than a dash cam to keep you safe on the road. A dash cam will record your front and back of the car as you drive and if an incident happens involving you or anyone else on the road you can use the footage as evidence to ensure that justice is done and the right people are charged for the crime. It is a gadget which can save you a lot of hassle and money and will make all the difference to you this year.

Ring Doorbell

If you have been hearing about a slew of robberies in your area this year and you want to know how to better protect your home, a ring doorbell can be an amazing option. It will allow you to see people who approach the door when you are out and you can even talk to people and deter them away if they try to break into the house. You can also use it for when you need a parcel delivered and you have to go to work, because you can simply talk to the delivery driver and tell them where to put the parcel on your behalf until you get home.

Heated Razor

For those of you who often shave your face or any other part of your body to keep it looking trim and tidy, this next gadget is ideal for you. We all want a close shave and also one which lasts for as long as possible, but sometimes when using a razor to get close to the skin we can catch and cut ourselves. However if you use a heated razor instead, you will not catch the skin because your pores will better open up and release the hairs inside. It will ensure you get a super close shave and avoid any injuries you might normally suffer from.

Any of these gadgets are handy for different aspects of your life so give them a try this year and see if they work for you!

Careers That Pay Well And Are A Lot Of Fun

When it comes to doing a job you actually love – whether it’s through your own business or working for someone else, many people are under the false impression that you can’t do a job you love that pays well, and that you can either have a fun job or a well-paid job, but not both.

For starters, this isn’t true – it’s an old mindset story that’s been passed down through the generations and that really has no place in modern society.

The fact is, if you’re doing something you love, then it means you’re passionate about it and that’s going to be reflected in the results you deliver, which means you’re going to be helping people, so you absolutely should be getting paid well for that.

Whether you’re just starting out with your career or are in a period of transition and looking to make a change, then you may not know exactly what you want to do, and have even less of an idea of where to start with it, so in this post, we’re going to give you a list of careers that are seriously fun to do, but that also pay well, so that you can see you don’t have to settle for one or the other, and hopefully we’ll get you inspired and fired up so you can make a choice that’s good for you.


Copywriting is a seriously in-demand service, and you really have so many opportunities in this area – you can choose to work freelance for the clients you choose or you can work in-house directly for a company within their marketing department or even in an advertising agency as many copywriters do. Of course, you need to have a certain skill set to work as a copywriter, but if you’re able to engage people and get results through your writing, then you can definitely make a good name for yourself and make great money. Copywriting is not only well-paid, but it’s really fun, and you’ll get to really unleash your creative and work on all kinds of projects with companies from all kinds of industries.


If you love working with people and really making  a difference in their lives by helping them overcome a certain challenge or hit a specific goal, then coaching could be a great career choice for you. You will typically work on a self-employed basis as a coach with the exception of corporate coaching where some companies will actually hire as a full time staff member, for example to come in and show their employees how they can start getting the most out of Power BI. However, this can be a great thing because then you have the freedom to set your own hours, set your own rates, and work with the kinds of clients you really want to work with.

Personal Trainer

Personal training used to be looked at as something that only the rich and famous could afford, but nowadays with so many people really starting to pay attention to their health, it’s becoming something that many people are looking for. If you have a love and passion for fitness and really want to work with people one to one whilst helping them achieve their goals, then a career as a personal trainer could be perfect for you. The other great thing about being a personal trainer is that you can add income streams to your business through things like digital products which can be complementary to the services you already offer your clients such as diet plans.

Graphic Designer

If you have any kind of visual or drawing skills and really love to be creative, then graphic design could be a path for you to follow. Not only is this a seriously fun career that sometimes doesn’t even feel like work, but it pays well – especially if you work for yourself and can really build a good name for yourself. Whether you choose to work with big companies on their visual branding or want to go smaller and create things like stationery and clothing, you can really get creative when it comes to graphic design.


Animation has come such a long way from the days of the original Disney animations, and nowadays everything is super high end and digital to the point where it’s almost hard to tell what’s animated and what’s real. If you want a creative career that’s amazingly fun and pays well, then animation is definitely one to consider.

App Developer

The phrase “there’s an app for that.” is now more true than it’s ever been – there’s virtually an app for everything, and whilst some are definitely better than others, apps are on the rise and certainly not going anywhere, so the need for good app developers is quickly growing, and people are prepared to pay good money for these because they know the value of them in today’s world and they want to stay at the top.

Game Designer

If you’re a gamer of any kind, or even if you simply appreciate the world of video games, then like animation, they’re now to the point where the visuals are so good that it’s hard to tell them apart from real life, and this means that if you’re a game designer you get to be more creative than ever. If you’re looking for an amazingly fun career that pays really well, game designing could be a perfect choice for you.

Travel Writer

Do you love to travel and love to write, then a career as a travel writer is possibly one of the most fun careers you could ever hope for – and is well paid when you get hired by the right publications and even do partnerships for high end hotels and airlines who want their business to be featured in the best light. Not only do travel writers get paid well for traveling the world and staying in luxury resorts, often many of these expenses are covered for them.

Hopefully this post has shown you that you don’t need to choose between what you love and what you can make good money with – in today’s world, there’s really no reason you can’t do both.

How To Get Fantastic, Fun, Family Portraits

So you want to capture more of those special moments with your family, but you’re just not getting it right? Try starting with family portraits to get a strong photo but also to practice with your camera and get used to snapping away. If you’ve never done a family portrait before, don’t be intimidated, be honest with your family and tell them you’re just learning, and hopefully, they will be willing participants in helping you out and getting some beautiful photos in exchange, it will hopefully be fun for everyone.

Use a tripod

If you’ve got one, using a tripod for a portrait is an excellent idea as it allows you to get your eye away from the camera so you can make eye contact with your subjects. You can make gestures to get kids’ attention or make faces at them, and you’ll get way better expressions by interacting with them than you will from looking through the viewfinder. Plus it means you can set a timer and jump in yourself.

Stagger the heads

Avoid a boring straight line, row, or column of heads. Diagonal lines are more dynamic and add interest to an image, so try to do that with your family.

If it bends, bend it

This is a general rule from professional photographers when photographing anyone. People tend to stand stiff and rigid when having their, so you need to get them to bend a few body parts to look more natural. Get them to shift their weight to one foot and stick out a hip, or get them to put a hand in a pocket or hook a finger on their belt or a belt loop. There are many positions you can do so try a few and see what works best for everyone.

Let kids be kids

People often tell their kids to be good and smile; however, to get the best out of them say to your kids it’s going to be fun. Bring some props, some of their favorite toys, have some bubbles with you and if your kids don’t want to sit and smile, don’t force them, instead let them run around and be kids for a while and get some great snaps of that. Play with them and have some fun.

Have fun with it

The last tip is not to take yourself so seriously. Create a few whacky shots, tell everyone to do a group squish, do a pile on in the grass, ask everyone to jump in the air or make silly faces and you’ll be sure to get some cracking shots.

Use a good quality camera

While phones are great these days if you want to get some good photos of your family then invest in a decent quality camera. There is so much more you can do with it, and you’ll have high-resolution images which you’ll be able to send to people using a large file sharing service or make copies and resize to share on social media for everyone to see.

Taking Care Of Your Computer

Computers, much like people need you to take care of them. They need a regular check-up and protecting from some of the ‘diseases’ and ‘illnesses’ that they can get. Of course, you look after yourself with food, water and a visit to the doctor. If you’re feeling under the weather, you pick up some medicine and have a guess about what might be wrong. For an Apple Mac, you’d see Mac Everything – because they just know things.

But in general, you take care of yourself enough to prevent anything too serious.

So here are some routine maintenance tips for your computer.

Clean It Up

You might be disgusted and surprised about the filth that is secretly hiding in your keyboard, mouse and the openings in the computer – like the USB ports. Dust and grime build up and can wreak havoc on your system. To clean a keyboard and some of the more accessible surfaces, use a cleaning putty. Looking and feeling like the slime you played with as a child and is once again popular this picks up crumbs, dust, and other lints. For more dust-laden areas, like fans, for example, you can use a compressed air canister to blast it out the way without your system being damaged.

Vent Awareness

Every year millions of people take their laptops to the store they got it from and complain that it has exploded. It overheated. Because, of course, they were engrossed in their favorite series and completely forgot that those vents are there for a reason. To get air into the unit to keep it cool. This isn’t about the maintenance; it is just a must.


There are some safe downloads, and there are some not so safe ones. The issue is that some malicious people like to use popular downloads to attach viruses and malware to. Once you open that file ready to install it will just ruin your machine in no time. So be careful where you download programs, always use the source of the product rather than third-party sites because it is free.

Shut Down

Leaving your machine on standby each and every night is going to clock up the hours of it working nonstop. Every night, once you are finished close your computer down property, consider this a rest for you both. Avoid cold booting too. This is where you hold down the off button rather than wait for the shutdown to process. The extra minute or two will protect your machine and doesn’t it deserve that?


When it comes to the running and memory, go through and delete all of the files that you are no longer using, and then uninstall programs that you are no longer using too. They take up valuable running space that just wastes your time.

When it comes to your computer, you should take care of it, as you would a car. They cost a lot of money and are used many times a day.

How to prevent credit card fraud

Credit cards are the best solutions for individuals who want to make quick purchases. However, they do not come without significant risks.

Even though credit companies use the most modern technology to curb this type of fraud, the truth is, fraudsters are always one step ahead to make sure that they benefit from innocent cardholders.

How does this type of fraud take place?

Because criminals are always making further steps to continue with their activities, it is still proper that you know how it happens. Today, they might use one method, and tomorrow, they might use another.

It is also becoming a problem because of lack of consumer education.

Therefore, it is up to you to be alert to avoid becoming a victim. Here are some of the methods that these people use

  • Stealing your card and using it to make small, unidentifiable purchases
  • Through ATM skimming, which is one of the most sophisticated ways that they use to acquire information from your cards
  • By calling the cardholder, threatening them, and asking them to hand their pins to their accounts or less they will end up in jail
  • Sending emails
  • Working hand in hand with card issuers

I am not trying to scare you, but these include some of the methods victims find themselves. However, you can avoid the confusion as long as you follow these simple steps that I will highlight today.

1.    Always monitor your account

Criminals will continue to use your card without you noticing it. You have to keep watch of your bank statements, and your account.

It will aid you in noticing any weird transactions that would take place without your authorization.

2.    Report to the card issuer immediately

The worst mistake you can ever make is keeping silent when you notice any unusual transactions. Card issuers typically have zero liability charges.

However, they go as low as $50, which means that you will have to pay for anything above that. Report to the issuer as soon as you notice so that they can suspend that account and help you open a new one.

3.    Get cards from trusted issuers

Today, issuing of these cards has become a business. Many of them offer considerable rates that will provoke clients to apply.

Nonetheless, it is always essential that you only get one from card issuers that you can trust. Note, sometimes criminals work with the issuers and employees.

4.    Avoid getting in contact with untrustworthy contacts

Once you become a criminal’s target, they will do everything to get to you. Thus, you have to verify emails and phone call numbers before you provide any personal information.

You will likely receive emails looking to get you to send your personal information to them. If you are not sure about a call you received, call the issuer before you provide any information.

5.    Keep your cards safe

Practice carrying cards that you only need. You do not need to stack into your wallet always. If you think that you will not use it, then it is best that you leave it at home, in a safe.

When at the ATM, be sure to check that nothing seems off; additionally, keep your pin as discreet as possible. You could even use your free hand to cover the side that is pressing the buttons to avoid onlookers from seeing your pin.

A bonus tip: Avoid opening your online accounts from public Wi-Fi hotspots, such as cafes, airports, and hotels. Criminals often target those hotspots, which makes it easy to steal your PINs and accounts.

You should also change your PIN numbers frequently to make life difficult for these scammers even if they do obtain your info.

Effective Ways To Use Technology In Business

Technology is benefiting more and more businesses nowadays than ever before. There are plenty of advantages to using technology and companies of all sizes and industries should be looking at technology to help run their businesses more efficiently. Here are some effective ways to use technology in business.

Use Social Media To Reach Customers Globally

Social media is a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing and sales. There are a variety of social media platforms now that businesses are using to grow a following not just nationally but internationally. With users all over the world, people are using social media as a way to connect and find new interests. This is a great opportunity for a business that wants to branch out and possibly take on a global market. It is now more difficult to grow your following, so having the right individuals or team to solely focus on the social media side of the business is crucial

A business looking to use social media should do some research into what platform would work best for them. Twitter is more a newsfeed whereas Instagram is a visually stimulating platform, ideal for those who use images to sell their products or services.

Promote With A Website

Having a website is a must-have for every business as that’s how many potential clients or customers check out a new company that they’ve just come across. A website is also the place where a business fully owns the content that they share. The website should be high-quality, well designed and has an easy to navigate layout. There should also be a contact page and links to social media pages. This gives anyone who’s visiting the site, plenty of ways to contact the business through their preferred line of communication. Having a website boosts a company’s legitimacy as many find it strange if a business doesn’t have an online profile.

Monitor Projects With Digital Analytics

When it comes to monitoring the success rate of a project or campaign, the data received isn’t as accurate or detailed as it is with today’s technology. There’s now online analytic software like Google Analytics which gives a detailed breakdown of your website is performing. It’ll give information on your visitors, how long they engage on a page, their demographics and interests. Social media platforms are also offering the same thing, and this is providing businesses with an opportunity to fine-tune and tailor their product or service so that it hits the target audience even better next time.

There’s also plenty of other systems available that help achieve success much more easily, like Spiro for example. Spiro offers AI-powered reports to help organise contacts, reach more prospective clients and close deals.

Streamline Finances With Software

When providing invoices and tracking expenses, sometimes there can be delays or simply cases of human error where certain finances get forgotten about. However, using one simple piece of software can help streamline all of these avenues of finance so that fewer mistakes are made and it’s all conducted within a professional realm. Most of these interfaces can be controlled via computer and mobile, so it also gives you the opportunity of managing finances on the go.

Productivity Management

Productivity within the workplace can also now be monitored thanks to project management applications. This is great because it means that no one can get away with not pulling their weight. Everyone in a team can see what everyone else is doing, and that’s also great for keeping communication clear, rather than mistakes being made because not everyone was on the same page. A project system is great for those working in teams and will hopefully keep productivity levels constant.

Improve Your Security

As more of us get on board with technology, there also becomes more of an opportunity for scams and cyber attacks. For any business, this can be dangerous, especially if they’re dealing with confidential information. Protecting your wireless networks with passwords, encrypting files and having a solid security system in place for your servers and network is crucial. This is something that should always be monitored and looked at to improve. As technology improves and advances, so do those individuals who seek to cause major damage to companies

Technology has now become very dominant in all aspects of our lives, and without it, the opportunities for success may not be as widely available as they are now. So don’t be afraid of using technology in business, it could end up benefiting you hugely.