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Big Foot Hoax

Last week there was a lot of buzz online regarding the discovery of a
dead sasquatch.
I’m sure you probably heard about it.

I watched the news conference led by the two guys in northern Georgia
(the state, not the country) who had allegedly discovered the
while out hiking. After the news conference, I had my doubts.
The ‘expert’ that these men had recruited started blinking really fast
when directly questioned about certain topics, and it led me to believe
he was lying. Then he showed some blurry photos and didn’t offer any
real proof that what they claimed happened actually did. If you have a
dead big foot sitting in your garage, even a yokel from Georgia could
take a decent picture with a digital camera.

Apparently the men who discovered the body sold it to some researchers.
This is where the impetus behind the hoax comes in. Once the
researchers decided to unfreeze it, the truth came out. A
doggone monkey suit!

But on the other hand, don’t you love monkey suits? I remember my
grandmother made me one as a halloween costume when I was about 10.
Actually, it was a gorilla suit, but it was still fun. It was the only
gorilla in the neighborhood who wore sneakers.

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  1. Nancy Chatham Nancy Chatham

    RE: the gorilla suit
    I still have the gorilla suit Peepeye made- minus the mask. It is waiting for Gray and Dax to grow large enough to wear. mom

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