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Calling for Creativity

I bought this domain name a while back, and I think it has potential, but I don’t know what to do with it. So I am turning to you dear readers to give me ideas (preferrably lucrative in nature) for a web site to put there.

The domain?

So far, all I have thought up is some kind of Google treasure hunt game, but I’m not sure how it would work.


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  1. june june

    oh I just found that someone uses “google me this” for the title of class they offer on advanced google searching:!


    I’m kind of envisioning a place where people can post rare items they are looking for. Then people that have this item can make offers? It would kind of be like a backwards auction. One person buying and several people offering the desired item for sale. And then you get a cut when the buyer decides which offer they are going to accept? Not sure exactly how that would work and moderating something of the sort might be a PITA. I imagine something like this appealing to people with $$, who want something really specific (but not readily available) and don’t want to deal with the hassle of looking through auction sites, newspapers and such.

    Something game oriented does sound more fun.

  2. Slow day at work eh June? 😉

    The auction/want-ad idea is something I haven’t thought of. The concept of doing the Googling for someone especially sticks out. Maybe I could make it a Ask Google type of site, where people ask questions, and other people do the research for them. But then, that’s what Ask Google does…

  3. june june

    No, just easily distracted. 🙂 ..especially when the distraction involves being creative.

  4. Chris Chris

    I like the game idea, sort of a trivia/searching game?? Creativity hurts my brain…

  5. june june

    Not sure how this would apply to google….but its an interesting example of how to create a new visual interpretation of data from someone else’s database:


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