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Coffee Shoppin’

I have been enjoying the activity of sitting in coffee shops after work lately. Working downtown allows me to do this now, and just to sit here and surf the web using free wireless internet access from my laptop is relaxing.

Currently I am sitting here enjoying a frosty, hand-squeezed lemonade. Unfortunately, Bjork is being pumped through the audio system here, so I am seriously considering the placement of my iPod in my ears. Bjork scares me for some reason. She reminds me of a freakish troll that haunted my dreams as a toddler.

On another note, I shaved my goatee the other day because I had not seen my chin in over five years. I think I will put it back in hiding as soon as possible. I look really weird (and young), and the dorkwads at work have called me everything from a pinhead to an 8th-grader. Ah well…at least I have the option of growing facial hair. The AF d00ds are not allowed, and well, the AF d00dettes still haven’t figured out how anyway.

This weekend will be a big one: Gray’s 2nd birthday occurs, and both sets of parents are coming in town. We may see a brother and/or sister or two as well. You can be sure I will take a lot of pictures.

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  1. rightgeous choo:
    Congrats yer dadness, I am envious of the emotional content, but too selfish perhaps, for the financial implications.
    Congrats on the G-man’s B-day and congrats to you and your wife, and prayers for a healthy “new arrival”

  2. trinlie trinlie

    Hey Will! Your Gray and my Ruth share the same Birthday only 4 years apart!! Cosmic dude
    Cheers and Happy Birthday to the little man

  3. Emily (your cousin) Emily (your cousin)

    You know, bjork scares me too. And Gray is beautiful. Just how did you managed to skip the 95th birthday fiasco?

  4. Hey cuz! We were in SC at the beach, and between a 12 hour car ride from there to Louisville and high-priced, rare gasoline, we opted to stay. Are you still in WS?

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