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Much to my own suprise, I have been getting into the game of golf. Had you asked me a year ago, I would never have given the game any thought. However, I have been way into it the last couple of months, and I am getting better.

The first couple of times I played, I was terrible, not knowing how to stand or swing or anything. I was lucky to even hit the ball at all. But last weekend a buddy from work took me to the driving range and showed me some fundamentals. All this week I practiced swinging in the back yard, getting the feel for the clubs and learning to shift my weight correctly.

Today we went out and played, and I had a chance to show off my new skills. I shot a 64. Ok, so we only played 9 holes, but I didn’t do worse than a 7 on any hole except one. Yes, that is quite terrible for those of you who are not golfers (as if you read this far anyway), however, it was by far my best game (and only the third I have played). I am definitely getting the feel for it, and look forward to many days this summer out on the greens.

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  1. dude, i went to a driving range on saturday for the first time in years. it’s kinda fun… i once took a week of lessons when i was 12. i can hit the ball sometimes and stuff. i went out the next day and bought a used 1 wood at golf club at the goodwill and once my blisters go i am going back. god willis, we are getting old.

  2. trinlie trinlie

    WILL! You gotta come golfin’ with me man! I suck, but the times that I do hit the ball really far keep me playing. The drivers that are as big as your head really help too. If nothing else it’s fun to womp the ball no matter where it goes.

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