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What an insane game. West Virginia made so many three-pointers it seemed impossible. Geez, Louise.

Now Louisville faces Illinois, which I think will be the end of the season. I’m just glad they made it this far. Whew!

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  1. Jackon Jackon

    c’mon, c’mon… UK/UL title game… c’mon, c’mon, Pitino v. Tubby…. C’mon….

  2. frank-n-beans frank-n-beans

    This superstitious road you take must be part of your own personal March Madness?

    Seriously Wilbur, them Cards pulled it off boyeee…and it was nothing short of an amazing. That yer boyz came from behind and took er into OT tells me they could just go all the way…till Michigan State shuts em down!

  3. Dang…that ain’t happening this year. Ah well.

  4. Chris Chris

    Nope it’s not….Izzo saw to that!

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