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Flogging the End User

Reported by the AP:

“Last week, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (news – web sites) confirmed plans to sell antivirus products to both consumers and big businesses by the end of the year. But the Redmond company is mum on cost and features.

Speaking at a security conference, Gates also said the company would give consumers a free tool for combating spyware, a pesky and growing threat that can monitor users’ activities, hinder computer performance and create other hassles. Microsoft also will sell a more sophisticated antispyware product to businesses.”

It’s nice of them to give the end user a free tool to combat spyware. But turning around and charging people and businesses for antivirus and the professional version of the spyware tool is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard.

Why are they charging you to fix their unsecure software???

I do not see how they can get away with this. This would be similar to a contractor charging you for the shingles he forgot to put on the roof of your house and pay to repair the furniture damaged by the rain that got in.

Unfortunately, President Bush signed the law that limits class action lawsuits last week, so there is not much hope of doing anything about this.

That Mac Mini is looking better and better every day.

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