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Guatemala Day Something

It’s Tuesday, I think. We have been very discombobulated regarding time since we got here. Guate is 2 hours behind home, and there is no daylight savings, so having recently done the time change in the US, going back to standard time here, minus an hour, is weird.

Anyway, yesterday turned out to be quite adventuresome. Rachael and I went and did a little yoga in the highest temple, which was awesome. We were then scheduled for massages from a Phillipino-Hollander named Theo. He gave the best massage ever. As you may know, my wrist has been an issue for me the last couple of months since I sprained it one night at band practice. Theo work on it, and he got it feeling very good.

While Rachael was getting her massage, I met a nice guy from Seattle named Jeff, who was here for the week-long yoga retreat. Every week at Villa Sumaya, there are retreat packages that people sign up for, but you can also come for ‘personal’ retreats, which is technically what Rach and I are doing. Jeff and I talked about basketball and other interesting things as we checked our email.

After the massages, we walked with Lizzy to Santa Cruz to see Myles and check out her place. Lizzy lives in a place where the translation means “the place where the rocks fall”, and indeed, it was strewn with rocks from the high cliffs surrounding her. During hurricane Agatha last year, there was a giant rockslide all around her house, and a layer of rock five feet high covered the surrounding valley. Her place was largely spared, luckily.

It was great to see Myles, and he was excited to get the gifts I brought from Dax and Gray. We hung out around Lizzy’s place for a while until we decided to get back to Villa Sumaya for dinner. Rachael and I took off on foot to make the journey back, which was about a 40 minute walk.

Heading down through the valley towards the lake, we commented on how exciting it was to be all alone in the middle of the jungle in Guatemala. Shortly afterward, we heard barking dogs running towards us through the trees. After having seen all these wild dogs then last few days, I had visions of hungry teeth snapping at us.

My adrenaline kicked in, I said, “come on” to Rachael, and the next thing I knew I was 12 feet up the tree next to me, trying to make sure she had enough room underneath me to make it to safety. As she started to climb up behind me, the dogs stopped, and we realized that they cared nothing at all about us, and were fighting with each other.

We soon were laughing at the whole thing. Yes, I overreacted, but all I know is that if it had really been a rabid pack of dogs trying to eat us, we would have been safe thanks to my cat-like reflexes!

We made it back to dinner at last and had a good time enjoying the cool evening air.

Today, we decided to take it easy. I worked with Lizzy some to update the Villa Sumaya website, after which Rach and I got some sun by the pool. After a dip and some lunch we hit the sauna.

Tomorrow we meet Lizzy at the dock to get a boat into Panajachel where we plan on hitting the market and having lunch. Hopefully there will be no more rabid dogs.

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