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Handy Geek Links for Your Wednesday

Why Linux is Better does
a great job of explaining the reasons for people who are not geeks. If
you find yourself trying to convince your grandmother to run Ubuntu by
using terminology such as “linux kernel”, “package manager”, or “sudo”,
give up and send her here.

And speaking of Linux, here’s a list of Linux Commands I Hardly Knew, some of which you may or may not
know. I found a few time savers I had never known. More good commands
can be discovered in the comments of the article.

If you are tired of creating HTML tables (for tabular data only, of
course) by hand, here’s a quick and dandy way to do it online with a
tool called Kotatsu.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you will know I am quite the jQuery advocate as of late. jQuery is
a JavaScript library that rivals (and beats the pants off of) libraries
such as mootools and scriptaculous, and can add all sorts
of dynamic, eye-popping and usability enhancing functionality to your
pages. Just one of the powerful, gracefully degrading things that
jQuery can enhance is the CSS dropdown menu. Check out this article describing how to enhance
the Suckerfish CSS dropdown menu
with jQuery.

If you are interested in learning more about what jQuery has to offer,
check out 5
0 Amazing jQuery Examples

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