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How Technology Is Set To Change The World

If you were to travel back twenty years and tell people how the world would look in 2017, they would think you had traveled from a lot further into the future than twenty years. To us, those living through the changes, everything’s that happened has been gradual. If we look at how the world will look in twenty years from now, we’d be forgiven for thinking we were looking much further ahead. Here are a few big changes about to transform the world.

In the Workplace

The nature of work has gone through big cycles over the past couple hundred of years, and there’s about to be another big change about to happen. The advancement of AI and robots will mean some 40% of human jobs will be lost in the next couple of decades. We’ll be more productive, probably with cheaper goods, but there’ll be a lot of people out of work too. Take a look at a list of ‘robot-proof’ jobs to see if you’ll be affected.

Individuals More In Control

Some of us may be about to lose some control over our autonomy thanks to technology, but as a whole, we’ll be more in control than ever. Greater advancements in the internet and how it interacts with the world around us will affect all areas of life, include the nature of shopping, the medical sector patient experience, and how we choose to be entertained. Even matters that are thought of as mass experiences will be customizable. Technology will also be used to give more detailed feedback, more quickly, so that companies can provide services based on individual needs, too.

Interconnected World

The internet of things is slowly beginning to take off, but it’ll really announce itself in the next ten years or so. Soon, everyday objects that have traditionally technology free will be connected to the internet, so we’ll be able to control them using our devices. It’s going to make life a lot more efficient. For example, your car will be connected to the internet, and will automatically select the fastest route for you. Your alarm clock will be connected to your coffee machine, so you have a freshly brewed cup of coffee as soon as you wake up.

Virtual Reality

You might have used a virtual reality headset, or you might not. No matter: in the future, you most definitely will, because VR technology is on track to permeate many aspects of society, from entertainment to education to healthcare. Get yourself a job (a robot-proof job!) in the next 15 years, and you’ll probably be trained using a VR headset. Visit a shopping mall, and you’ll use one to try on clothes you might like to buy.


Traveling is going to become faster and easier. Hyperloop trains will be taking us from one city to the next in a time that would have been unthinkable up until recent times. The driverless car revolution is also on the way, which will make the roads safer and more relaxing, too.

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