I’m Back!

As you may have noticed, I ditched my blog here at www.willchatham.com back in October in favor of trying out  Tumblr. I ended up enjoying the Tumblr service, and I will probably still use it occasionally.

However, WordPress 2.7 came out, and after trying it on some of my other blog sites, I soon realized I really wanted THIS site to have it again.

So, here I am, with a brand new theme to boot!

I have a few things I plan on doing to spruce this place up, including a brand new message board.  That’s right–it’s the return of the Gangsta Haiku Repository!

Stay tuned…

About Will Chatham

Will Chatham is an Information Security Analyst, OSCP, Ethical Hacker, and Penetration Tester at a federal data center in Asheville, NC. Since Netscape 2.0, he has worked in a wide array of environments including non-profit, corporate, small business, and government. His varied background, from developer to search engine optimizer to security professional, has helped him build a wide range of skills that help those with whom he works and teaches.
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