iPod Exposed

My RSIS teammate, Chris, recently dropped his iPod and ruined it. He took the opportunity to open it up and check out the inner workings. The technology was remarkably small, and adds an amount of awe to the engineering that goes into these things.

Here are a few shots of the inside of his 10GB iPod.

Inside the iPod 1

Inside the iPod 2

Inside the iPod 3

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  1. Only a wanker would drop his iPod!

  2. The same thing happen with my ipod all i basiclly did was connect one of the wires back which was disconnected during i dropped it , my dad runs a shop of repairs if you need help ill tell you for free just mail me or even add me then ill show you what to do on msn. atwal_200@hotmail.com. look foward to helping you…

  3. i googled my own email adress and this came up, wtf i didnt even register it until 2008

  4. That’s weird…

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