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Me and My Tech!

Tech continues to change the face of even our most basic everyday lives, with the advent of home SMART hubs, drones, and an increase sophisticated programs online. But tech isn’t a one size fits all solution. In fact, the value of it is where it is matched specifically with a need that cannot be fulfilled in any other way. It’s the relevance of that item of tech that makes it so important. With that in mind read on to find out about some areas in which developments in tech are very relevant and are making a real difference in people’s lives.


Tech is most relevant in the area of education. Long have teachers tried to bridge the gap between being informative and entertaining to engage students in topics the wouldn’t choose to study.

But technology is a tool that is making this a lot easier. For example, creating activities that are quick, and simple to produce is easy, using tools such as Edmodo. You can have your own little social media network for your class, and videos can be built in as part of the lesson, as can audio, and even internet searches.

There are also a lot of opportunities for formative learning, which technology has introduced. For example, where a student can provide feedback on how well they understand things through voting buttons.

Of course, it’s not just schools that are using these techniques either but also higher learning institutions such as colleges and universities, and you can read more about how universities are making the most of the technology by clicking the link.

Basically, technology and education are so relevant to people’s lives because the method of how things are being taught is changing to better suit the generation that it is catering to. As well as giving learners better access to material on their terms.


The difference developing technology in the area can make is literally of life and death proportions. The two most interesting aspects include nanotech and detection.

The idea of nanotech is that medicine is being taken to a microscopic scales, which is designed to help the body regain homeostasis from inside. Which means that it is less invasive and also has a higher chance of success.

There are of course different categories such as nanopharmaceutical, nanodiagnostics and nano techs for implants and prosthetics. But the research and trials look promising and should enable many serious medical conditions to be either cured or managed shortly.

Also, another idea very relevant to health and tech is the developments in diagnostics tools.

Wearable trackers are big in the fitness industry right now, and the idea of this translates well to diagnostic tools. For example, you could place a sensor in women’s bras to detect the temperature change in the breast tissue that might be indicative of cancer. Signaling them to go to the doctors for a check up.

Which means that tech like this could literally be saving lives!

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