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New Kids on the Block

Let’s give a big welcome to Chris and Chris, two guys I work with, who recently started blogging at the urging of yours truly. It took a while for them to come around, but they finally saw the geek light, got their domain names, and established camp on the World Wide Web (on yours truly’s server).

Elsewhere, I heard the other day that the re-release of Speed, the first record by Crain, the band I was in back in 89-92, is ready to go. I set up a site for the occasion at, where there will soon be some of the remastered tracks available for download. I am supposed to be getting some advanced copies of the discs soon. They put three unreleased songs on there too, and it allegedly sounds excellent!

And how about them Looeyville Cards?

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  1. Jackson Jackson

    What happened to the forum willis? I put a post in there a week ago about my upcoming trip east. Next thing I know, it’s offline… I will be in NC 2/2-2/8. I hope we can get together or sumthin…

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