Ogling Google

I posted before about Google Maps and how cool it was, surpassing MapQuest in capability and usability.

Now, Google has added a new satellite view to their maps. For example, you can do a search for an address, click the “Satellite” link, and see imagery of the location you are looking at. This is not new technology, but it is now in a form that is easily consumable by the masses.

This has stirred up some mixed responses from people around the internet. Some people consider it a tool for environmental accountability, where we can see things like the clearcutting around Nanaimo, British Columbia.

For those armchair travellers amongst you, Google Sightseeing offers you the ability to see the world in your pajamas. I found the Planes In Flight post, where people sent in shots of airplanes captured by satellites in, pretty neat.

You never know what sorts of things might be caught that shouldn’t be, however, some obvious ones have been doctored up (notice the “drawn-on” rooftops”). Others are kinda funny, and some are weird (a giant compass[?] at Edwards AFB).

Still, the detail in these maps is nowhere near as complex as that of the property search I found for Buncombe County, NC, where you can see me & my shadow walking up my driveway, my truck out front, and Alicia’s car on the side of the house:
My House

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  1. You’ve heard of Where’s Waldo?…this is Where’s E.T.? Pretty slick… http://cas.sdss.org/dr3/en/tools/chart/navi.asp

  2. Where’s Waldo the mulleted midget?

  3. I miss the old days of the midget pics… Remember the idea of http://www.tweakerpics.com? The friggin’ guy with the tail? Erg.

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