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Pardon Our Dust

I was updating WordPress tonight to the latest patch and ran into some troubles with my custom layout, so I threw up this prefab one until I have time to fix the problems. Something in the menu was causing an error. I’ll get it sorted out sooner or later.

In the mean time, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my iPod, which seemed to have gotten a little too close to a high-powered magnet, which the hard drive seemed to disagree with. Luckily I had the 3 year protection plan on it, so I am waiting for it to come back from Apple. I am secretly hoping they decide it will be easier to send me a new one, in which case I may end up with a newer model. We will see what happens.

It’s been a couple of weeks without the iPod, and I am missing it sorely. Woe is me.

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  1. Smytty Smytty

    yeah, my pod is over two years old. you gotta figure that it’s way cheaper for them to toss you a new one than to try and dig into their own out-dated technology.


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