Passing Time

Time has been flying by quickly again. Not that it ever really stopped flying by quickly, because we all know that as we approach the dimensional shift, time speeds up anyway. Right?

We had a little yard sale today. By little, I mean our whole street organized a big sale and about 12 families participated up and down the road. Exit polls indicate that we made out the best of the families, breaking the $100 mark by noon.

Today was also Kentucky Derby Day, and I planned on watching it, but then I remembered it was on when Alicia, Gray, and I were at the bookstore. I think this is only the second one I have missed watching on TV since I moved away from Louisville in 1992.

Speaking of Louisville (no, I’m not mentioning basketball), the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) reviewed the Crain re-release. They never reviewed it when it came out in 1991, so it was good to see they had the guts to do it this time, and it was better to see that they liked it.

I’ve been quite busy with home-based work lately, and am currently working on 4 projects. One is for a Washington, DC-based guitar player, another is a remake of the NCMAMA web site, another is for a Waste Management software company in Kentucky, and the last is for something else which I guess I shouldn’t announce until negotiations are finalized.

And to top it all off, I found my toenail and fingernail clippings collection yesterday. I didn’t want to mention it here that I had lost them because I feared I might cause mass-hysteria. But yes, I had thrown them into a tupperware bin that I had stored some knick-knacks in in the basement a few months ago. That was a major oversight on my behalf. In celebration of finding them, I clipped my nails this evening. Pictures soon to follow.

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Will Chatham is the Application Security Engineer at a cyber security research and development firm. Since Netscape 2.0, he has worked in a wide array of environments including non-profit, corporate, small business, and government. His varied background, from web developer to search engine optimizer to security professional, has helped him build a wide range of skills that help those with whom he works and teaches.
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  1. methinks you ought to scan in a copy of the Weekly World News article. unless there’s a link out there somewhere..

  2. What are you doing for NAMBLA? A web page?

  3. As a card carrying member of NAMBLA, you should know they already have a web page, Morgan.

    And happy birthday, by the way.

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