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I have resurrected the image gallery portion of this site. Woohoo! Lots of pictures for all 4 visitors to look at. Check out Will’s Ye Olde Photo Gallery.

At first I installed Gallery to manage the photos. I tried Gallery out about 3 years ago and wasn’t that impressed. Since then it seems to have made a lot of progress. It installs easily and seems to be rather easy to manage. However, there is one big problem with it that bugged me: it’s not Web Standards compliant. The features offered in Gallery were almost enough to allow me to ignore this, but in the end, my morals took over and I ditched it for something better.

Enter Simple PHP Gallery, which you might have seen used on this site before. This program too has made leaps and bounds of progress since I last used it. It was so easy to install (upload and go), I thought I was launching rubber frogs from a Turkish catapult. No, I don’t know what that means either.

Granted, Simple PHP Gallery doesn’t have quite as many features as Gallery. However, it makes up for that in other ways. Not only does it validate as XHTML Strict, it was pretty easy to integrate into my site’s existing design. This was not true of the program last time I tried it, nor is it true of Gallery.

Additionally, Simple PHP Gallery has a much smaller footprint on the server in both speed and size. Taking advantage of PHP’s GD Library, it creates thumbnails and resizes images on the fly. Oh, did I mention it validates as XHTML Strict???

Anyway, keep an eye on Will’s Ye Olde Photo Gallery for lots of kewl stuff. I just uploaded the first batch of pics from my new Nokia 3620 camera phone, and am impressed with the resolution for a free phone. There are also some new pics from my Olympus C5050 and my Sony Handycam.

Geez, this took forever to say all this stuff. I gotta stop this stream-of-conscience writing thing.

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  1. They look like they are standing around doing nothing and playing Magic, but in reality, they are conducting mind melds to gather secret intelligence from the Canadians.

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