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Been enjoying the fact that I have a job for at least the next 5 months, which was the nature of my last post.

Been working on Paul Pieper’s site; still in progress.

Also been working on a New version of Compassion Books. Just started, really.

Played drums for the first time in about 2.5 years last night with some guys. It’s fun when you can all just fall into a groove, and there aren’t any rules or genres or expectations to have to play by. Hoping to do this again, not with the intention of playing gigs or ‘making it’, but just to play.

Other than that, boy #2 is expected to emerge within about 8 weeks. Alicia is not feeling that great, but we are hanging in there. Still no name chosen for this one, and we are beginning to wonder if we even need one.

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  1. Smythers Smythers

    Three ideas:
    Cletus (come on, for now you can call him “Cletus the Fetus”)

  2. Lo Lo

    I would call your boy child “Lo”. It is a proud and noble name, with a long, valiant heritage.

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