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Revenge of the Sith

At Last

Ok, all I can say was I was utterly and completely blown away. This movie far surpassed my expectations, and brought tears to my eyes twice. I plan on seeing it at least two more times during the next week. It was immense, epic, and a completely satisfying end to what many felt had turned into a lame excuse to generate money on poor acting. Even my buddy Chris said it was a good flick, and he’s not even into Star Wars.

Man o man. At this point, I would venture to say it was the best of all 6 episodes.


I changed this site around a bit. Just continually playing around when I can. Reload the page for a new pic up top. Have fun.

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  1. smythers smythers

    Dude, i miss the goat.

    Yeah, the movie was satisfying. I saw it at the phatty downtown Seattle theater on Thursday evening. Packed to the gills theater.

    I think the Lucas set teh bar so low tith the last two movies, it was inevitable that he would hit this one out of the park… from the point of view of fans at least. The critical acclaim is the most surprising part to me.

  2. frank-n-beans frank-n-beans

    Yer other buddy Chris thinks Kirk’d kick all they asses!

  3. lerjoy lerjoy

    yo willis,
    Tell GOC happy birthday for me.
    Also i’m diggin the changing mastheads. the best, by far, is the blue-eyed fatass sitting on top on the viewsonic.

    I got a job in TX and will be moving shortly. Where does your brother live. I’ll be in the god awful suburbs of austin. you can stay with me for sxsw.

  4. june june

    yeah, I’m not much of a star wars fan either, but I thought the movie was pretty good. I, more often than not, fall asleep through movies…but I stayed awake through all of this one. heh.

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