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Now that the basketball season is over, I can talk about my rituals and superstitions. You see, during the season, I have a pattern of things I have to do in order for the Louisville Cardinals to win. If I talk about these things during the season, they lose.

This was the first season I didn’t wear any UofL clothing on a game day. I couldn’t even touch it. Last season I always worse UofL clothing, and the Cards didn’t do as well as anyone had hoped.

Next, I always got Gray to say “Go Cards” on the day of a game (though when he says it, it sounds more like, “Go Tards”). The one day he didn’t say it was the day Louisville lost to Memphis at home. This was also the day I had a 102 degree fever and couldn’t participate in my next ritual.

Every game except 2 this season, I sat on the edge of the coffee table in out living room. Same spot, same position.

Lastly, I had to tell Alicia that there was an important game on the next day at such and such a time. The one day I didn’t do this was that same Memphis loss.

So what about the 3 earlier losses in the season? Well, none of them happened after Christmas, so they don’t really count. The pre-Christmas season is the time in which routines are established, so there is a little room for error.

Call me crazy or obsessive, but this is what you get when you are born in North Carolina and raised in Kentucky.

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  1. Lauren Lauren

    I say you are BOTH crazy and obsessive. That is why I love you so much.

  2. Hey Will.. my buddy Greg says “BS” that you have a giant toenail collection which once won you praise in the Weekly World News. Can you provide evidence? Do you have a scanned article? Can you post said evidence? I once had a copy, but I lost it in my various moves.


    Oh yeah, and how did the WWN find your particular propensity for nails?

    Greg is a former meat department team member, and wonders if you might ever be able to make a killer soup stock from your nails.

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