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Tech Security: Keeping Your Docs Safe

It’s common for a lot of people to now keep their important documents on their computer. After all, it saves them using a ton of space in their home office. And as they access their computer every day, it’s easy for them to have them stored on the machine. Also, it saves printing everything out if you can just save them to your documents. But having them on the computer causes a lot of risks. After all, if it gets into the wrong person’s hands, your personal and financial information could end up in jeopardy. Therefore, it’s so important that you do think about security when it comes to your docs. In fact, here is how to keep your documents safe on your tech!

Password-protect your documents

We don’t think about the possibility of someone getting hold of our computer. But if you did have a break-in, and then someone tried to go on to your computer, your documents could end up at risk. After all, they could easily click on your hard drive and then start snooping through your files. And then information which is sensitive could end up being seen. However, there are some ways you can block them getting into your files even if they get hold of the computer. The top way is to encrypt the file. If you make them password-protected, it can be difficult to get into the file. To encrypt the file, you right-click on the file and go on to ‘properties.’ You can then go on to the ‘advanced’ and then press ‘encrypt contents to secure data.’ That way, you can ensure important documents aren’t seen by prying eyes! You could also create password-protected archives – simply zip up your files and then password protect them. This can save disk space too.

Get rid of the hard drive correctly

When you are finished with your computer, you need to make sure that you take all the important documents off the machine. After all, you will likely want to move them over to the new computer. But there might be documents you leave on the machine which could still put your personal and financial information at risk. And just throwing the hard drive in the bin is not enough. After all, someone might get hold of it and then take the information off the drive. Therefore, you need to get rid of the hard drive correctly. Firstly, you should wipe it completely to remove documents. And then you can look into hard drive shredders. That way, the hard drive will be removed properly, so no one will be able to touch it and get hold of your documents in the future.

Get good malware protection

It’s easy for us to end up with malware on our computer. Whether we have clicked on a dodgy link, or accidentally downloaded it off the net, the software can cause havoc. And not only can it damage your computer, but it can also gain access to your important documents. For one thing, you might then not be able to access your documents. And furthermore, important information might end up in the wrong hands. Therefore, get good malware protection which will keep it safe. And make sure you keep it updated for the sake of your documents!

And remember to always keep the documents organized on your computer. Delete them off if you don’t need them anymore to ensure your info stays safe on your tech.

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