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The Ways New Technology Can Benefit Drivers

In all our aspects of our lives, technology is advancing. From our homes to our office spaces, we are becoming reliant on technology to make our lives more enjoyable and productive. The motoring world is no different, and technology is improving all the time.

We have become reliant on certain features in our cars, such as airbags, power steering and electric windows, which at one time were nonexistent. One of the biggest advances in recent years is satellite navigation systems which help us get from point A to point B without the need for a pesky road map. Eventually, the technology mentioned in this article will become as commonplace as the features we use today, and we will wonder how we ever managed without them.

The innovations listed below are only available in high-end vehicles at the moment. While the expense is high, the advantages of having a technologically adept car are many, not least the safety factor essential for every road user. Legal services such as Gruber Law can help in a road accident, but these new technologies can reduce the risk.

The future is here, and your driving experience is set to change.

Automated parking

One of the biggest nightmares for most drivers is finding a parking place, especially in a confined area. This handy feature does all the work for you, allowing you to sit back while the car navigates into those tricky to judge spaces.

Biometric access

No longer will you need to use a key to open your car door or start the engine. This new development is designed primarily as a deterrent to keep away car thieves, as biometric technology allows you to use your fingerprints to gain access. There are other advances in development, including voice recognition and retina scanning for unlocking your car.

Driver assist systems

Again, designed for our safety, the use of cameras and sensors fitted to the car will warn the driver of any dangers ahead. For example, when a vehicle enters your blind spot, or should you be driving too quickly to the car ahead, the system will apply the brakes to avoid collision with the oncoming driver.

Active health monitoring

Ford has been the pioneer in this life-saving technology, but other car manufacturers are following suit. Many of us know how scary it can be to drive and fall ill. We need to care for ourselves in the car, but we should also be concerned for other road users. Health monitoring technology is designed to warn us of any potential danger signs within our health, such as ECG monitors which can detect our heart rate, and blood pressure readings which can warn us to pull over and take a break.

Cadillac has introduced seats which will vibrate when they detect the driver is falling asleep at the wheel. For those of who find driving stressful, are newly developed seats which gently massage our backs while allowing air to flow through a ventilation system, to make our journey more comfortable and pleasant.

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