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This is Why Science is Awesome!

Science is pretty cool, in fact, there are some current development in this field that has the potential to change our lives forever and for the better. Get the low down on the most important ones below.

It’s saving lives

It’s no exaggeration to say that scientific projects that are currently being worked on have the potential to save millions of lives. In particular, developments such as gene therapy and nanotech are at the forefront of this.

Developments in nanotech have the potential to save lives because of things like carbon nanofiber can be used to fashion safety gear that is not only thin and light it is also comfortable to wear as well.  Garments that can be fashioned from this include items like cycling helmet and gloves, as well as bulletproof vests that easily fit under regular clothing. Something that has the potential to save many lives, and improve the safety of some of the most dangerous jobs, including those in the emergency services and the armed forces.

Gene therapy science is another area that those interested in how scientific developments have the potential to save lives. Of course, the most obvious application of this is to seek out and replace faulty genes that lead to disease, with healthy ones.

However, immunotherapy is another application of this method that is demonstrating promising results. Although, to understand precisely how the technique works it is useful to learn about gene therapy in more detail first. Something you can do by searching the topic and specific studies online.

It’s helping to make the world cleaner

Another reason that you could say the field of science is awesome at the moment is the surprising developments that are helping to make our world a cleaner place.

Of course, at the forefront of this movement are the clean, sustainable energies. These are energy sources that don’t rely on the consumption of fossil fuels, and so neither use up the earth’s limited resources or pollute the atmosphere in the same way.

Then there is the move towards electric vehicles which is only being made possible due to the development of high capacity lithium batteries that will allow journeys of a significant distance.

Lastly, there is the use of nanoparticles that are being developed to solidify toxic nuclear waste. Something that makes it much easier to collect and so dispose of safely, and so has the potential to make the world a cleaner place.

It’s making communication easier

Lastly, science is also pushing the boundaries concerning the ways that we communicate and experience things. After all, it may soon be commonplace to be able to speak face to face with a person that is across the other side the world and have that experience as if they are actually standing there in the room with you via VR.

Don’t worry the translation tech that is coming out, doesn’t actually require you to put a fish in your ear!

Lastly, a scientific breakthrough that has massive ramifications for everyone is the development of a real-life Babelfish technology. Yes, that right with Pixel bud headphones you can now speak into Google translate and get it to process and repeat what you have just said in another language and vice versa. Pretty awesome, indeed!

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