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Two New Sites Launch

I have finally put the finishing touches on If you want to help me write magazine reviews, contact me now and I will set you up a login. I can offer no money right now for your help, but if it works out, we may start getting offers for free magazines.

Additionally, I have been working on another site in my free time for a while, and I am pleased to announce The Best of YouTube, a site where I will be selecting and reviewing some of the better videos available from YouTube. After trying to dig my way through tons of uninteresting video clips, I decided it might be useful to have a site where the cruft is filtered out for you, and you get only the good stuff.

If you’d like to help me write for either of these sites, give me a holler. It’s easy and it makes you look cool.

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  1. Lauren Wise Lauren Wise

    I am going to read some magazines tonight and review them and send them to you and then we can be friends and take over the world with our vast dumping power word!!

  2. I would be interested in assisting with your plan for world domination. I am reading the current issues of Paste (which you obviously already have covered), Mother Jones, and Backpacker. I’ll see what I can do to get it to you ASAP.

  3. Sweet! I look forward to both of your contributions! I don’t care what magazines you choose. If things go well, we will be getting offers for free subscriptions to more magazines. We shall see.

    If you guys want access to the site (running WordPress), I can set up logins for you and you can write your reviews there.

  4. Carl just handed me a magazine to read, believe it or not, so I’m off to the can to evaluate its “dumpworthiness”

    Can I have a login?

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