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Vick, Google Pack

Punk Gets What He Deserves…Too Late
Marcus Vick was kicked off the Virginia Tech football team today as a result of the blatant unsportsman-like conduct vs. Louisville I mentioned last week.  The sad thing is, he was pulled over for drunk driving two weeks ago, and shouldn’t have been playing in last week’s bowl game in the first place.  VT’s president had explicitly stated that he would tolerate no more messups from Vick after his 2004 suspension.  Punk.

Google’s Next Step Towards Dominating the Desktop
Google announced Google Pack today, which is a collection of free software to help your computer work better and boost your productivity.  It’s nothing you haven’t seen before in separate packages, but it is nice to see they are including Firefox.  Not so thrilled about the 6-month version of Norton Antivirus (they should have chosen the free, open-source ClamWin), but everything else looks good.

I still stand by my prediction that Google will deal the final blow to Microsoft after Windows Vista turns out to be a nightmare for sysads everywhere (assuming it is ever released in the first place), and no one buys it.

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  1. trinlie trinlie

    …and as a reward, I mean punishment he will go pro….that dude’s a bad seed!

  2. jackson jackson

    he should start writing haikus… for instance:

    who you think you are?
    try and tackle me sucka?
    Stomp on your thigh fool.

    Don’t hate on me punk.
    I’m just gettin’ my burger on.
    I’ll shoot your wack ass.

    Yeah, I bought her beer.
    I didn’t know she was twelve.
    She looked ’bout nineteen.

    I think I’m Vince Young.
    Going to the NFL.
    I want TO’s team.

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