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Welcome to 2005

We just got back from a 5 day weekend in Louisville. Gray had a ball with my parents, running around their carpeted house like a madman, and they seemed to have had an equally sized ball with him. We took an afternoon and went to the zoo, where Gray was more interested in the melting snow and puddles of water than the animals, but you can’t blame a 19 month old for that.

The highlight of the trip for me also turned out to be the lowlight. My dad pulled some strings and found someone with an extra ticket to the UofL basketball game on Thursday night. After scouring eBay for three days with no luck finding tickets, I was elated to have a chance to go to the game.

Now, you might think that the lowlight was because the Cardinals lost, but they didn’t. The lowlight was because when I got to the parking lot at Freedom Hall, the ticket was no longer in my pocket. I never found it. It fell out somewhere between where Alicia and I ate dinner, got coffee, and the car. I even went back and looked. So close was I, and yet, so far.

I got to see my buddy Simon, whom I have known since I was 4, which was good. Alicia and I went to the Kentucky flea market, a huge, 1800 booth indoor event at the fairgrounds, and ran into Joey Mudd, which was cool. He and I used to go there a lot, and somehow I had a feeling I would see him.

At the flea market, I picked up some great deals on Magic: The Gathering cards. Yes, in case you didn’t know, I am that kind of geek too.

I will post a new photo gallery up here soon, with pics from Christmas in Charlotte and New Years in Louisville. For now, just use yer imagination.

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  1. lerj lerj

    damn, willis. i cannot imagine you being any unhappier than when you lost that ticket.

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