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So I’ve been pulling 60+ hour work weeks in anticipation of launching the big project I’ve been doing since May. It’s supposed to happen September 1, and I’ll be able to disclose things then. Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been here lately.

I am currently in Charlotte though, as we came here to meet our new niece and nephew twins. I also took Gray to see The Wiggles last night, which was a monumental event for him. That would have been like me going to meet Darth Vader when I was his age.

Oh, then this morning, we went to Discovery Place in ‘uptown’ Charlotte, which is a big museum for kids. They had a movie exhibit with props from Star Wars, which was pretty cool. At one point, after gazing in awe at the Speeder Bike from Return of the Jedi, we turned around and there was a real-life stormtrooper looking at us. Then there were 3 more. Then appeared a Biker Scout and a TIE Fighter pilot.

And what happened next? Darth Vader came around the corner. Man, that was great. And Gray is 3. This event seemed to hit him harder than The Wiggles last night, and he has been talking about giving Darth Vader a high-5 all day.

Anyway, being a grad of WWC, I though this was interesting.

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  1. Yeah, I meant to tell you about the article. Aaron pointed it out me a few days ago. Now we all know how you really spent your college days. heh.

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