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What Makes A Good Website?

What makes a good, well, anything? A good meal? It depends on our personal preferences, but there is always a bottom line. A good meal will always be cooked through; it will have a variety of tastes and a few flavor combinations that work together without fighting each other. A good song? It’s got chords that work amongst each other tied to a mathematical beat. It will also be in tune! What is this all about? Well, anything good in life, be it business or at home – it follows a certain set of rules, and it only breaks them for explicit reasons. Sushi can be raw. Some music follows patterns that play with structures and math. Everything good will usually, in most circumstances, stick to the rules. With this being said, what makes a good website? What are the rules that cannot be broken under any circumstances? What rules can be bent?

A good website will always have one thing that is true. It will look good, and it will run well. This is an unbreakable rule, and even websites with weird designs will still be well-oiled machines underneath the hood. There is nearly no excuse for a site that doesn’t work. A site fails to work for a number of reasons, but almost always it will be because of a problem with the code. This can be remedied by a few afternoons of self-education or a designer. Even well-made sites can be held back by web hosting, so get a service that works and allows your site to be as speedy as it should be. A good site looks good and actually works.

A good site always has space. Every web site is almost physical in its design, and that means it needs space. Think of a site as a room. If it’s a small room, it can’t fit that much within its walls. If it is a larger room, it can. A physical place solves this issue easily, simply put, no more people can enter until people leave. However, with a website, an overload of visitors means that the site goes offline when visitors exceed server space restrictions. For a business, this means that no business takes place if your site is more popular than predicted. A good site? It can handle visitors.

Optimization is another thing. Unless you’ve been under a rock for years and years, you’ll know that phones can access the internet and get onto websites. This means that a website has to work on smaller screens. If your website doesn’t run on a phone or a tablet, you’re going to lose visitors. Any website worth it’s salt will optimize its website for users on a smaller screen. If you don’t, they can’t visit, and it is only you and your site that loses out.

These are the rules that can’t be broken. Your site needs to look good, it needs to run on all sorts of devices and it needs space. You can be a bit more creative in other areas, but don’t bend these rules.

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