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What Year Does Your Home Exist In?

Take a walk through your home and look around. If you had no idea what year it was, would you be able to tell that it was 2017? You might not, or at least you wouldn’t if you haven’t got the latest home electronics and technology powering your home. Some people are averse to living too interlinked with technology, but we say: hey, it’s fun! You’ll be more a part of the world, will be able to have more fun, and will be able to impress visitors if you give your home a tech update. Here’s how.

More Sockets, More Control

Funnily enough, one of the main reasons people don’t have more technology in their home is for one simple reason: they don’t have enough power sockets to power all the devices they want. Of course, you can power multiple devices from one outlet if you attach a multiplug to it, but that only creates one super tech corner. You want technology throughout the home! Attach more plugs to the walls around your home around your home, and you’ll be able to do this. Oh, and as it’s 2017, make sure the sockets have a USB charger too. Life-changing!


Your home probably already has a Wi-Fi connection, but that only doesn’t mean much: everyone has Wi-Fi. The true test of your home tech’s credentials is in how well it performs. If your internet connection is struggling to reach all corners of the home, then buy data products that’ll help improve the range and boost the speed at the same time. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a Wi-Fi dead zone in the home, especially when it’s in one of it’s most relaxing rooms.


We’ve come a long way when it comes to entertainment. If you’re still relying on that old, seasoned television, now’s the time to upgrade to a smart television. You’ll have the whole selection of internet entertainment right in your living room. Oh, and they’re usually a decent size, too, so you’ll be able to watch the Superbowl and other grand events in style. And talking of entertainment, let’s not forget the music! There is a selection of superb sound systems that are designed to be used with smartphones. Have your phone in your pocket and your favorite tunes streaming throughout the house. Perfect!

Internet of Things

You better get ready for the internet of things, because it’s well and truly on its way. The most forward-thinking homeowners have already got the first devices installed in their home. Just to demonstrate the power the internet of things has: there is a device that you place on your bin. When you throw something away, it scans the barcode and makes a note of it, so you can rebuy when you’re out shopping. The future is a wonderful thing.

Going Further

There are new devices coming out all the time. Keep abreast of the latest home technology improvements, and you’ll have a home that will look more suited to 2117 rather than 2017!

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