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World Domination

“How Walmart Is Destroying America And The World: And What You Can Do About It”

A book by Bill Quinn, for sale at

“Since Wal-Mart opened two superstores thirteen miles from Grand Saline, Texas, half of the retail businesses in Bill Quinn’s once-thriving hometown have closed. But dismantling the American dream wasn’t enough for this retail Goliath, and now Wal-Mart is aiming for world domination. If you’ve ever wanted to fight for the little guy, now’s the time — and this feisty Texas grandpa will show you how.”

List price: $10.95
Our Price: $7.55

You save: $3.40

Oh, thank you Walmart.

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  1. june june

    It looks like they may have removed the book from their website. Your link took me to “product not found.” I googled it and the google link also took me to “product not found.” I’m guessing its a good read.

    For those non-ashevillians that read Will’s blog, they are building a brand new super wal-mart here. It didn’t happen with out a lot of protest though….including one person who drove a dump truck into the newly constructed building nine times. Ouch.

  2. Bummer – someone at Walmart got wise when they saw all the inbound links to that book.

    I never heard about the dump truck story – that’s awesome!

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