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  1. madmarv187 madmarv187

    I need a gmail account so i can show off to all my geeky programmer friends at work.
    Itll finally give me something that the “Lead” doesnt have…..

    Please please!!

  2. Chris Webster Chris Webster


    Does anyone really need an email address? Not really. But, if you did, one from the “Big G” would be sweet. I was trying to get an invite through the guys in my Xterra club but they ran out, so I figured that what better way to find one that’s available that to Google for it. Your hit won.


    Chris W.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

  3. Adam Adam

    I would like a G-mail account because I get A LOT of emails, e have an online class, part of RPGs, own a Ministry, and am part of some clubs. So a G-mail account would be great!

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