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MP3 Wonderland

By way of Scrubbles I found this absolutely terrific site called the 365 Days Project.

One MP3 a day… for one year.

The MP3’s offered are something else. From two unknown women singing irritatingly close to in-tune with each other to Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians (who?) singing “Fo Fum Fi Fee”, this collection of found songs will be keeping me entertained for some time.

And from Kevin Rose I found some ways to search Google that bring up loads of open directories containing MP3’s for download, among other things. I found that entering the name of an artist/band before the search string will tailor the results to your liking. I was suprised to find mostly unheard of artists and music rather than directories full of pop tunes. I am betting the RIAA knows this trick too.

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  1. lerjoy lerjoy

    i’m a mormon
    and remember i know the rules of do’s and don’ts for happy living…

  2. lerjoy lerjoy

    it’s one of the fantastic songs from the one-mp3-a-day site.

    you should check it out, you might become a LDS.

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