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Crain Stuff

I’ve been in touch with my old pal John Kampschaefer a bunch lately. He has been digging up some of the hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures he took during the Crain era. John was pretty much the 5th member of Crain, acting as roadie, sound man, photojournalist, brother, friend, and accomplice. I knew he had a lot of good stuff in his basement darkroom, and now it is starting to see the light of day.

Check out the Pictures at the site for continuing updates from his amazing collection.

John took pictures of the entire Louisville punk scene during those days, and I’m hoping to talk him into a web site just for that. I think a lot of people would be into it.

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  1. Just bought the CD version of Speed at the Parlour show…I’m so glad to have a digitized version of these songs after having suffered all these years after someone stole my copy of the 12″.

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