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Current Music Being Grooved To

For no particular reason at all, here’s a quick list of music I am currently liking.

Will’s Current Top 10 iPod Rotation

  • Kanye West – Touch The Sky
  • Flaming Lips – Are You A Hypnotist?
  • Sigur Ros – Staralfur
  • Bliss – Song For Alabi
  • Rilo Kiley – Portions For Foxes
  • 76 – Objects In Space (whole album)
  • Grandaddy – El Caminos In The West
  • The Didjits – California Surf Queen
  • Dinosaur Jr – You’re Living All Over Me (whole album, in preparation for April 7)
  • Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line
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  1. Smythers Smythers

    your webcam pic is hella hot. when will you be “doing a show” for your members?

  2. Lauren Wise Lauren Wise

    Oh, and on the music front, my top songs are:
    Ticks and Leeches Tool
    Haunt of the roulette Dares Mars Volta
    Love Thing Melvins
    Extraordinary Machine Fionna Apple
    The Dryad and The Mule Mary Timony
    Destroy Everything You Love Ladytron
    Breezeblock DJ Shadow

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